Clever is a digital learning platform for students which provides a friendly place for resources.  With Clever Login, everything is one click away from the community of students, families, and teachers.  The unique feature of Clever is that it works the same at school and home. Teachers create personalized and organized digital classrooms. The digital classroom is available with all the resources at www.clever.com.login.

Clever ensures that all students can log in securely and stay engaged with their curriculum.  Parents can also get to one central place to stay in touch with the teacher.  Parents can also chat, receive reminders, and can have a view of the special classroom moments through their mobile app.  The website www.clever.com.login provides on-login access to the learning application from home as well as school.  Any student can access the programs by entering the school email and password.  


Clever is a personalized pipeline between the school data and the learning applications that teachers and your students use.  Clever helps the District Office to provide applications with all the information required for the school. 

Clever helps teachers to reclaim valuable class time.  Both teachers and students will have to sign in on their devices to access online programs. 


The personalized portals help students to learn with resources selected by their teachers and districts.  Students can have all of their resources in one place, as the school is using Clever.  It also removes the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. 

Family Resources / Clever Family Portal

Students can visit www.clever.com.login can to find their school and login in.  If the child has a Clever Badge, he can use the Bade to sign in at the clever website.   The school district may create a parent or guardian account as well to help your child login. 

Clever badges can be re-issued and reset. If a student loses his badge, he should immediately reach out to either their teacher or district administrator.  The District Administrator will mark void on the missing badge details and will issue a new Badge to the student.  

Clever is safe, secure, and private for every student.  It is organized and supervised by the district administrator, and the content on the Portal is selected by the school. The resource data available at Clever is only for the student to help education and not for any other purpose. 


Parents or guardians have the opportunity to access Clever through the student account to supervise the studies. A student username and password to authenticate the user and create the customer menu of applications to support learning.  

The login details are supervised by the school district. If you missed out on the login details, please reach out to your teacher or the district help desk for assistance.  Parents or students can find their district technical support information on the clever login screen where an email and phone of the support district team is available. 


Clever can be accessed through desktop computers running Chrome or Firefox browsers, iPads running IOS 10, and above.  Clever is not supported by the older version of Android tablets. 


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