What I love about dressing in academia is that there is no uniform.” Meet Dr Marrisa Joseph, as we debut our 3-Minutes-with an Academic scholar series.

At Stylish Academic, we regard anyone with links to Higher Education from Masters level, as part of the community.

Dr Marrisa Joseph is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. Her research area is Business History, and she’s based in Reading, United Kingdom.

What being a  “stylish academic” means to me

It means making an effort with how I dress.

I think that the traditional perception of academics – especially female ones – is that we are far too studious to be concerned with our appearance, so dressing in frumpy, outdated and uninspiring outfits is to be expected.

I feel that when I make an effort to look good, I feel better at work.  

A TV character that would best embody my personal style

The classic tailoring of Scandal’s Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington)

An unforgettable academic experience (research/teaching)

When I was collecting source material for my PhD, I consulted archives at the University of North Carolina.

It just so happened at the time Michelle Obama was on the campaign trail for her husband’s re-election bid. I attended the rally held at the University and got to meet the former first Lady, she was an amazing speaker.

What I find challenging about dressing in academia

What I find challenging about dressing in academia is curbing my temptation to wear some of my heels. I’m almost 6ft tall, and a student once told me my height was intimidating!  

What I love about dressing in academia

What I love about dressing in academia is that there is no uniform. It’s up to the person how much they push the boundary with their style.

The one thing I love about academia

The one thing I love about academia is teaching.

I enjoy introducing new things to students and helping them to challenge their own assumptions and develop their knowledge.

If I could change one thing about the culture of academia  

It would be the pressure to publish; the churning out of journal papers, constantly second-guessing what to write in order to please the reviewers whether you agree with them or not…

My typical day begins with…

My typical day begins with checking my emails.

I need to know that I have caught up on all communications before starting on my daily tasks.

Favourite “conference” city

My favourite city I have visited to attend a conference is Miami.

Conference hotel venues I think are quite similar in major cities, but what you can do outside the conference is what makes a real difference.

Miami has great bars, restaurants, shopping and most importantly the beach!

The delegates had a great time outside the conference venue, it was like having a mini break mixed with work.

Dream holiday destination spot…

If I could get away to go on a holiday, top on my list would be the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

The one item in my wardrobe I can’t do without

The one item in my wardrobe I can’t do without is a jumper that just goes with everything, I get cold so easily!

What I do to relax

I play netball. I am part of a great club and play in a local and county league. I am also a qualified umpire.

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