As the name suggests, Women Entertainment TV is a well-known TV channel amongst women.  The We TV provides a lot of other content like the scenes which were deleted, behind-the-scenes footage, etc., which are not available on any other channel.  It broadcast entertainment and lifestyle programs. This article will highlight the activation of We TV on many devices such as Roku, Fire Stick, Android TV, Smartphone and, Apple TV through www.WeTV.com/activate


Users can stream new favorite shows as well as the most recent episodes on Roku Devices through wetv.com/activate as under:

  1. Through the Roku remote, click the home button. 
  2. Select and open the Roku Channel Store and search We TV. 
  3. Go to Add Channel option and start the channel. 
  4. An activation code will be displayed on your Roku screen. 
  5. By any other browser, visit wetv.com/activate and put the activation code of your TV. 
  6. Select your TV provider and log in using your login details 
  7. Once you log into your account, The Roku TV will refresh and you can start watching complete episodes of your favorite shows. 


Users can download the We TV app on FireStick through the following guidelines:

  1. Select the menu bar search on your home screen
  2. Search WeTV.com Activate.
  3. Download and start the channel
  4. Copy the activation number displayed on your screen
  5. By any other device, visit wetv.com/activate
  6. Enter the activation code to activate your account. 
  7. Select the TV provider and log in with your TV provider login details and enjoy the We TV content on your Fire Stick. 


  1. Through the Google Play Store install the We TV app.
  2. Launch We TV television program.
  3. Input the code for activation. 
  4. By any other device, visit wetv.com/activate
  5. Enter the activation code to activate your account. 
  6. Select the TV provider and log in with your TV provider login details and enjoy the We TV content on your Smart TV. 
Download Movies on WeTV for Free on Laptop & Android Step by Step


Android smartphone users can download the We TV app on their mobiles through the following guidelines:

  1. Go to the Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Install We TV application and press start.
  3. Note and copy the activation number that appears on your screen and enters the activation code.
  4. Press activate which allows you to stream We TV contents on your smartphones. 


People can enjoy We TV programs on their Apple TV through the below simple steps:

  1. Open the home screen of your Apple TV.
  2. Go to the app store of your Apple TV and type We TV on the search option. 
  3. Select the WETV app from the search result.
  4. Visit the WETV app page and install the app. 
  5. Launch the app. 
  6. Within a few minutes, an activation code will display on your Apple TV screen. 
  7. Open wetv.com/activate on another device which may be your mobile or computer. 
  8. Enter the activation code in the relevant field and continue by Submit button. 
  9. Log in using your TV provider account details. 
  10. Users can enjoy the We TV content with their Apple TV. 

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