Vertical Cut: This trend haircut really flatters every face shape – and suits you too!

Need a make-over? The vertical cut is currently the most popular haircut and flatters every face shape

Sure, a color change is probably the easiest way to do a make-over, but certain haircuts shouldn’t be underestimated either. Like the vertical cut, which is currently approaching us with a new wave of trends and promises a very special look. This will surely conquer the hearts of beauty fans quickly – not least because it suits everyone.

Vertical Cut: The trend haircut for everyone – and suits you too!

While everyone feels like they are getting a shag cut, i.e. a classic step cut with a casual retro character, we are now asking our trusted hairdresser about the complete opposite: about a vertical cut that creates a very natural look. This succeeds because when cutting, explicit attention is paid to how the hair falls – vertically, which explains the name of the organic haircut. Accordingly, the natural movement of the hair is supported, while the end result can be very individual, as every hair is individual.

Mega change even without a color change: this haircut makes it possible

The best news: We don’t have to worry about who this haircut looks for because it’s just so wonderfully inclusive. It not only flatters every face shape, but is also suitable for different hair textures – regardless of whether you have wavy, curly, straight, fine or thick hair. Depending on the situation, something is simply adjusted here and there at the hairdresser so that the vertical cut adapts perfectly to the individual wearer.

Vertical Cut: This haircut is straightforward and an easy-care hairstyle

The only question now is how to best style and care for it. You may have already guessed: The vertical cut is very uncomplicated because the hair can shine in its natural shape. Therefore, it makes sense here not to experiment at all, but only to underline what you have. Means: If you have curly hair, for example, you should also rock it and you can leave straightening irons and Co. in the bathroom cabinet. So just wash, apply conditioner – preferably natural, organic products – let it air dry and wait for the hair to fall thanks to the trendy haircut.


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