@stylish_academiMore academics are getting social-media savvy on Twitter, and we think it’s a good thing! It provides great opportunity to build community, collaborate, and share research. We know that when you’re a newbie on Twitter, it can feel totally lonely and downright confusing. This is why we have come up with the top 10 accounts every academic researcher should have on their Twitter following list, after SA of course!

These are not institutions or formal organisations (we should have a separate list for this), just individuals who have so much value to add to the academic community.

Here we go (and in NO particular order):

1. Shit Academics Say (174K followers) – Sarcasm @ 200% – the ultimate stress-buster!

2. Academic Pain (5K followers) – the perfect gift GIF to mirror the pain.

3. Thesis Whisperer (25K followers)- All the support you could ever need on the PhD journey is right here.

4. Pat Thompson (8.5K) – bookmark her page as a guide to academic writing.

5. From PhD to Life (10.4K) – thinking post-PhD life? She’s a coach to have in your corner!


6.Writing for Research (31.7K) – helpful resource for writing creative non-ficiton.

7. Jobs.ac.uk (12.6K) – useful advice blog posts & undoubtedly first port-of-call in academic job search.

8. Piirus (3.8K followers) – for cross-disciplinary & international research collaborations!

9. Research Exchange (4.3K followers) – engaging stories about PhD Life!

10. Research Whisperer (21K followers) – shepherds you through the arcane world of academic research

Who is on your must-follow list that we haven’t mentioned? Please drop them in comments, and we’ll update this list!

More suggestions from everyone below!

New! @ResearchMark (15.3k followers) This account has the best academic memes ever!

New! @LSEimpactblog (29.5K) For social scientists seeking to increase their impact in government policy, society, & business

New! @athenedonald (12.8K) Physics Professor Cambridge University, researching interface with biology;  interested in gender issues…