Here are the top 10 articles you loved from 2018.

The top spot belongs to the article on how to pack a capsule wardrobe for a conference trip.

2019 is going to see us giving more attention to this subject of conference fashion and style on

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#1 6 tips for packing a capsule conference wardrope

Conference cap capsule travel
Written by Acadentity

Post-docs are by nature flighty creatures: moving cities (or even countries) every couple of years; commuting implausible distances between overlapping short-term or part-time contracts; thrashing the international conference circuit like sleep’s gone out of fashion.

#2 The truth about getting a PhD

Oluyemi Jegede truth about PhD Stylish Academic
Written by Dr. Oluyemi Jegede

Having recently completed my Ph.D. study, I feel a sense of duty to clear certain misconceptions (some of which I previously held) about the Ph.D. journey.

#3 Best Christmas gifts for academics

Curated by the Stylish Academic Team

It can be really difficult, deciding on what gifts for whom; so we ran a poll among SA readers, and here’s what they said they want for Christmas…

#4 Stylish Academics of the month 2

stylish academics of the month 2
Curated by the Stylish Academic Team

Stylish Academics of the Month is where we celebrate members of our community who are excelling in their respective fields, as well as embracing their personal style.

#5 What I wish I knew before the PhD

Curated by the Stylish Academic Team

What do you wish you knew before the PhD? Join the Stylish Academic community to share your experience.

#6 15 Stylish Academics on Instagram

Curated by the Stylish Academic Team

We will be updating this list shortly.

#7 I am a woman in Science and I love Instagram

Natalie Sussman Stylish Academic
Written by Dr. Natalie Susmann

…Somehow, if you try to find a beautiful aesthetic within your research, you are ultimately feminine, and in turn unprofessional.

In a discipline where we all agree there are far too many men, why should we judge those who choose to merge their interests in Science with Art and Communication?

#8 Unstylish Academic speaks

the unstylish academic
Written by Dr. Helen Kara

I take very little notice of fashion; I dress for comfort. I don’t wear make-up, partly because I have reactive skin but mostly because I can’t be bothered.

#9 Long and short of 4 academic dresses

Written by Dr. Hattie Earle

The incomparable Oscar Wilde gave us many pearls of wisdom but one above all remains with me: ‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated’.

Having on more than one occasion been the only person in pjs at a breakfast table, I’ve never since feared being overdressed. Any anyway – who’s judging?

#10 12 gift ideas for Stylish Academics

gift ideas for stylish academics
Written by Dr. Madeleine Seys

Whether you are seeking a gift for that special academic in your life, or a fun little something for a Kris Kringle, here are Fashion Editor Madeleine Seys’s holiday gifts ideas for stylish academics

We wish you a Happy 2019 ———- Stylish Academic Team