Happy New Year!

2017 was a great year for us because we went through a successful re-brand, published this new website, and our monthly email newsletters went live in November.

Thank you for sticking with us on this journey, and cheers to an even more amazing 2018.

Here is a list of the TOP 10 posts on Stylish Academic that received the highest reads in 2017.

1) What I wish I knew before the PhD

We put out a call asking the community for what they wished they had known before embarking on a PhD. The responses are so insightful, it’s no wonder this 2016 article continues to trend.

This is a recommended read for anyone thinking about a PhD, or currently on the journey.

2) Best Christmas gift for academic researchers

This began as a fun post, asking academic researchers what Christmas gift would make a world of difference to them; from post-it notes to Tweed jackets and more, this is an enjoyable read.

3) How to get employed after PhD

Jennifer Polk

Jennifer Polk of the famous From PhD to Life, wrote this article packed with useful insight on what you can do to prepare for the world of work while on your doctoral studies.

This is a worthy reference article even for professionals outside academia.

4) What to wear as an academic…

It is clear from our website usage trends that deciding what to wear as an academic can be really challenging.

Although this is a re-published article from Thesis Whisperer’s website (with permission), how to dress for work is a theme we will be exploring much more in 2018.

Do send us a message with topic suggestions. We always love to hear from you.

5) Damsels in doctorates

We profiled the Damsels in Doctorates (DiD) project, run by two PhD researchers, Hannah & Honor.

They are dedicated to fighting sexism against women in academia. This article tells the story of how they came about the DiD idea in the beginning, and now slay the dragons of misogyny in their own way.

6) Fashion: why academics should care

This article by Dr Ben Barry is one of our favourites at Stylish Academic, so we were delighted to see that it’s also one of the most read articles of 2017.

He talks about how suppressing our individual style is not tantamount to expressing our intellectual worthiness. Rather, on the contrary, our fashion choices matter.

If you love this article, you would also love Madeleine Seys’ piece on Sartorial Stories: an essay on my personal and scholarly style.

7) Stylish Academics of the week 2

We trialed the Stylish Academics of the Week series last year, showcasing actual academics whose personal style had us Wow-ed.

The Community also contributes to the process by nominating any stylish academics they know.

Seeing how popular the series is, we will be bringing it back this year as Stylish Academics of the Month.

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8) 3 healthy eating habits for busy academics

The author, Chioma, has a PhD in Health Communication, and shares three lifestyle tips that help her make healthy eating choices.

There is no better time than the start of  a new year to re-visit our dietary choices.

9) 15 stylish academics of Instagram

10) Stylish academic of the week 1