Red pants might be pants on fire, but they are no lies! While it might take a bit of confidence to put on cupid red bottoms on a work day, it is very doable and can be smart and stylish; depending on how you put your whole look together.

  1. Since the colour red already makes a fiery statement, the first tip is to keep other pieces of your outfit quite mellow and neutral or earthy-toned.

Some fashionistas nail the colour-blocking trend by pairing red with the most unexpected colours – but really colour blocking isn’t for everyone. Some of us just prefer to tow the minimalist path, and that is absolutely fine. Style is personal. While I would encourage myself and a reader to venture out of our comfort zones from time to time in the style department, a risk is not worth it if you will be uncomfortable all day.

shiona red pant 1

Shiona Turini

style pantry

Style Pantry









2. The next tip is to pair your red pants with a structured blazer for work… Jessica of certainly nails the stylish academic look below. 

What I Wore red pants

What I Wore

3. Final tip, for work, red pants and print tops would work so beautifully, especially in monochrome! 

red pant style du monde

Shiona Turini









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Feature Image: Hannah Morgan/Unsplash