By Igee Okafor

For its detail and functionality, a timepiece is an essential item in menswear.

When selecting a wristwatch for purchase, most say to select one that is appropriate for any event or season, and I agree. Just like we purchase clothing according to our peculiar tastes, procuring a wristwatch is no different. I believe wristwatches should reflect our personalities, and lifestyles in every detail possible. For me, sophisticated simplicity is my goal when it comes to the items I own so, I opt for neutral, versatile colors, and a stable fit as it pertains to wristwatches. An example is the wristwatch I am featuring in the photos below.

Timepiece stylish academic 2

Wristwatch plates in silver, gold, white, or off-white are great choices for their versatility, and monotony. I like to encourage my colleagues to keep the classic, simplistic theme going by making sure bands are procured in foundational pieces like a black or brown leather band.

Luckily, for those of us who would like to own multiple timepieces with various bands without hitting pay death, there are wristwatch brands like Shore Projects featuring the contemporary transposable band technique that allows for band swapping at any second of the day or night.

A refined man relishes in the detailed process of handpicking the proper timepiece – whether it’s for a Timepiece Stylish Academicquick run to Sainsbury’s, a meeting with the Faculty Head, or an afternoon away at the cafe to do some overdue writing. There is a certain amount of contentment in procuring a well-made wristwatch with an adaptable quality, without breaking the bank.

Women have the luxury of adorning themselves in a variety of accessories – scarves, cocktail rings, earrings, neck pieces and more. Men have relatively fewer choices, so it’s best to make those choices count when it comes to quality.

When you walk into a conference room and are all set to unleash your PowerPoint Slides, it’s the little details that communicate non-verbal messages to your audience – your shoes and your wristwatch. Many of us won’t admit for the life of us that we observe these details at a conference; but in truth, it does cross our minds.

I have a post coming  up on the 4 must-have shoes in a man’s closet. But in the meantime, how do you select your timepiece?

Igee is a Wardrobe / Personal Stylist / Image Consultant. For more information do visit his website, & follow him on Instagram.

In-Post Photography by Xavier Duah

Banner Photo – Mike Petrucci/Unsplash