About a month ago, we launched a quick survey to better understand who was visiting the site, what you thought about the content, and how we could improve on Stylish Academic to provide exactly what you want to your inbox.

It was a rewarding experience, and I just want to thank everyone who participated; for your time, brilliant suggestions, and amazing feedback!


First of all, we found that majority of those who visit Stylish Academic are academic researchers (91%). This might appear to be a given, but it is not everyday a website actually reaches its target audience, so this is fantastic news. The other 9% indicated they were either undergraduates or consultants (professionals).

How you found out about Stylish Academic…

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Can’t remember
  • Friends/Referral
  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Mention on a blog
  • Stumbled on it when doing research for “what to wear when…”


How long you’ve been reading Stylish Academic…

  • A month or less – 73.2%
  • 2 – 5 months – 15%
  • 6 – 12 months – 6%
  • A year (from the beginning) – 6%


How you find out about new posts on Stylish Academic…

  • “I just stumble on new posts”… 8%
  • Instagram page – 9%
  • “I have your page bookmarked” – 13%
  • Email Subscription – 23%
  • Facebook Page – 37%
  • Twitter Page – 41%
  • (We didn’t add RSS feeds, but we got responses here too)


How you feel about the frequency of posts weekly on Stylish Academic… 

  • It’s just right- 75%
  • I’ll like to see more posts – 21%
  • I’ll like to see less posts – 4%


The kind of content you like reading the most on SA …

  • “How to” posts – 53%
  • Meet the Scholar – 38%
  • Fashion and Style – 81%
  • Lifestyle – 55%
  • General Features – 20%


Suggestions of themes and topics for Stylish Academic…

Without giving too much away, because we are taking this as priority, we found that there is a gap in content for mom academics. Also, dressing to job interviews, conference dress code and a lot about general lifestyle and healthy living came up as ideas on what to focus on. There are also some burning questions you raised that we hope to cover in the coming Meet the Scholar series.

All the kind things you said to the SA Team that made us blush…

I think for a long time the stereotypical academic is a scruffy looking individual who doesn’t invest in their appearance. But it’s just that, a stereotype; and there are many academics who care about their appearance and its good to see them celebrated in a blog like this


I was so glad to find a new academic style blog (I followed one for years that eventually closed down)! Thanks for what you do!


When I shared this site with others recently I made the statement that it is about much more than style, it is more about being your authentic self in academia and science. So, I hope you can keep doing that, because it is great.


There are lots of traditional academic blogs etc out there. I really enjoy the fact this site is a bit different and it’s not the same “how to write publish/ survive in academia”. I enjoy the fashion and lifestyle stuff – it’s nice to be reminded and not feel bad for thinking that as an academic you can have a life and can (attempt to be) stylish. There are lots of great pics but for someone with little time to shop It would be useful to point people to outlets for items of clothing and remember to select times that are affordable. I think it also breaks down stereotypes about who can be an academic. I do recognise that there is some risk to this and the writers/ editors etc may not be seen as being academic ‘enough’ or not taking academia seriously. From a purely selfish perspective – I’d like something like the conversation crossed with the fashion and lifestyle stuff you’ve been doing but without the academia how to type bits! But thanks and Keep up the interesting work- enjoying it so far 🙂

And many more beautiful feedback comments!

Someone asked about the Academic Blog Directory we are putting together.This is still ongoing. As soon as the page is ready to go live, we will make a big announcement.


Stylish Academic is officially just a year old and it’s still here because you read her. We take your suggestions and feedback seriously, so please email me at tee at stylish academic dot com or share more with us in the comment section below.

Do have a great week ahead.


Tee (Editor)