Dr. Hattie Earle is our guest academic on this edition’s 3-Minutes-with series.

3-Minutes-With is about getting to know fellow academics – our lives in and outside academia.

Dr. Hattie Earle’s research and teaching areas are Comic Studies and Creative Writing. She is based in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

She has published some great articles on this platform; for example:

You can catch up with Dr. Marissa Joseph, our debut guest.

Meet the phenomenal Dr Hattie Earle.

What being a “stylish academic” means to me

It means being confident in my skin and using my clothing to show a bit of myself… and perhaps a bit of my research too.

A character that would best embody my personal style…

As much as I fancy myself as an ‘Elle Woods’ or perhaps a ‘Cher Horowitz’, I’m probably more like Miss Hannigan (from Annie), in all her gaudy feathers and ropes of pearls.

(Harpers Bazaar describes Miss Hannigan as an unintentional style icon.)

An unforgettable academic experience (research/teaching)…

I broke a bone as I was leaving a job interview.

It was absolutely mortifying (not to mention painful) and the chair of the panel had to get me medical help. The shame!

What I find challenging about dressing in academia is…

It is not being taken as a student, especially at open days and conferences, which I tend to do with the addition of a well-chosen accessory or designer flourish.

What I enjoy about dressing in academia is… there is no uniform so I can (within reason) wear whatever I want.

My pet companion

Matilda, my black Labrador baby. She’s perfect… and a little terror!

The one thing I love about academia is…

The fact that I’m always learning.

Every day is something new and it’s fantastic.

My typical day begins with …

A pot of black coffee, a bowl of bran flakes and fruit, all consumed while my trusty Alexa tells me the news and I flick through Instagram.

My favourite city I have visited to attend a conference is ….

Aarhus in Denmark. It’s a gorgeous little city, the people are charming and Danish design is something I can totally get behind!

If I could get away to go on a holiday

Top on my list of places to go for a holiday would be … to go moose-watching in Norway. I love moose!

The one item in my wardrobe I can’t do without is

Robust underwear!

I wholeheartedly believe it’s worth spending a bit more on great undies to ensure your clothes look their best.

What I do to relax

Singing – I LOVE to sing.

I also cross stitch and make clothing.

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