I have been a diehard fan of documentaries and I always enjoy watching them. However, there are very few platforms that allow you to enjoy documentaries. One day I was going through my newsfeed on social media and I saw a trailer of a documentary that I liked and I developed an interest to watch the entire documentary but I could not find it anywhere. As I started searching for it then I discovered the Curiosity stream and found the documentary on curiositystream com activate. But to watch the full documentary I needed to get access to it then I decided to see if it is even worth it or not.

If you have no idea about what is curiositystream, just search about it in detail. Briefly, Curiosity Stream is an online streaming service that allows you to watch hundreds of documentaries under the same umbrella. You have unlimited access to watch the documentaries after you create an account. You can create an account by going through their website and activate it through curiositystream com activate. The amount you have to pay for this account is very little and it is very affordable. 

Annual Payment only 20 USD- Curiosity Stream 

As I explored through the Curiosity stream, I found it to be very interesting and it was something that I would thoroughly enjoy so I decided to get access to it. I went through the website and read all the details that are required for signing up and it did not seem a problem at all. Also, it was very cheap. If you are wondering how much does curiositystream costs, you need to pay only 20 USD annually to get access. Isn’t it very cheap? Now the next step was to get the access. I opened my browser on my phone and on the URL section I searched for curiositystream com activate. 

I entered all the details that were required for creating an account and then I received an activation code, which I saved for later use. On another tab, I opened curiositystream activate (curiositystream.com/activate) and I entered the activation code that I had saved earlier. Once I entered the activation code my account was activated and ready for use. If you want to link your Smart TV with Curiostystream and want to learn how to watch curiositystream on tv, it is very simple. I linked my Smart TV to the account by downloading the application of Curiosity Stream in the Smart TV, and I entered the account details by signing up. 

If you like watching documentaries and learning from them, then get your access now. Create an account on Curiosity Stream and you will never miss out on any amazing documentary. If you are not sure about it, explore their collection and see for yourself. Download and activate your account now through curiositystream com activate.