Stylish Academics of the Month is where we celebrate members of our community who are excelling in their respective fields, as well as embracing their personal style.

Stylish Academic is about defying stereotypes.

This is all the evidence you need to see that smarts and style are not mutually exclusive.

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Meet the academics of the month in no particular order…

#1 Elena Zapra

Elena is a Ph.D. candidate in Gender and Women’s Studies.

She has a Master’s degree in American Literature and Culture and a Bachelor’s degree in English Langauge and Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

“I would describe my style as quirky and classic with a modern twist.”

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#2 Chic Professor

She is an adjunct professor of Communication.

My personal style is feminine and classic (sometimes with a bit of edge).

“I am all about using fashion to express my identity and feel confident.

I am against fast-fashion and choose to invest in high-quality pieces, but find them at bargains through the pre-loved market.”

Do visit her website and YouTube channel.


#3 Katy Rodriguez Wimberly (Astronomouse)

I’m an Astrophysics grad student @uciphyastro studying galaxy evolution using both telescopes and simulations to investigate how they stop forming new stars!

Style to me is visual communication – it’s my way of being loud and festive even when I’m stuck at my desk, coding away.

The photo below: this was our 6th WonderCon as Artist Alley exhibitors. He does all the art and? I do all the maths ?.


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#4 Hollie Wright

I’m a Researcher Engineer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My research involves developing a technique for measuring distances with lasers for industrial applications.

At the moment I am working on building the lasers.

My personal style is a combination of rock chick and urban girly.

My wardrobe essentials are skinny jeans and black boots, but my real love is jackets and coats!

I have way more than I need but I know my collection is going to keep growing.

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#5 Beyondthecon

“It’s Friday!?? Finally feels like spring in Atl. The semester is almost over & the masters’ students in my class are all (mostly) still smiling at me ?. My #Phdstudents are prepping for their dissertation committee meetings. Spring has finally sprung ???!”


#6 Missfairypants

I have a Ph.D. in midwifery research, and lecture with the Bachelor of Midwifery degree at Western Sydney University.

My main areas of research are birth-related trauma, perinatal mental health and motherhood, and also in improving the way universities deliver online education.

Style to me means respecting my position and role and dressing in a way that defines my presence as knowledgeable and professional.

I love that when I dress with style I feel confident and powerful.


#7 Mrsdrissi

“Navigating life as a Ph.D. student, mother of a Suzuki kid and wife. Lover of music, Japanese literature, food, and travel.”


#8 Dana Cotto Auddes

Her article on how the postdoc is not a magical time you know everything, is a must-read!

Dana is a postdoctoral researcher at the Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Her research interests focus on the intersection of psychology and education, applying cognitive psychology theories to learning math and science.

“To me, style means being comfortable in your own skin. Tracee Ellis Ross once said, and this resonates with me so much, that the things that made her kind of weird or quirky made her, her.

Incorporating those quirks into my style has helped me add my own spin to everything I wear.”


#9 Doctora Jewels

La Doctora Jewels is a jewelry collector, Spanish & film professor, viajera, lover of unique shapes and bold colors.

To wear jewelry is to wear walking works of art.

“Jewels from #morocco. I like intricate etching and pieces that make a statement. #stylishacademic


#10 Stylish_urbanplanning

I am a third year Urban Planning and Public Policy Ph.D. student at the University of California Irvine.

My research focuses on informal residential development and inequality.

I am currently working on the colonies of the U.S. Mexico border.

My personal style? This is a hard question but I think I would describe my style as ever-changing thrift with a Chicanx twist.


#11 Donna Souder Hodge

I’m a tenured Associate Professor of Rhetoric in the Department of English & World languages at Colorado State University— Pueblo.

But, for the last two years, I’ve stepped away from teaching and into grant writing, program creation, and university administration.

Serving students is my passion, and at a designated Hispanic Serving, regional comprehensive Institution like CSU-Pueblo, student needs are diverse, excessive, and cover both academic needs and socioeconomic (or student “life”) needs.

In my current role as the Executive Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning, I serve students by first serving faculty and staff.

Because my position has changed 3 times during my time at CSU-PUEBLO, fashion has become my personal marker — a way to differentiate myself, a way to establish credibility before I say a word, and a way to respect the leaders I work with, the scholars I serve, and my own big plans for academic leadership.

Dress for the job you want — not the job you have…? Well, I dress for two people’s jobs!

In all seriousness, I dress for respect, I dress to meet or dispel unfounded collegial expectations of what a “Rhetoric professor” looks like or what a female scholar must “be.”

I’m married to a media communications guy, and we have two amazing rescue dogs: Thor — a 9.5-year-old, 170lb English Mastiff; and Gunnison, our 8.5-year-old heeler-Aussie mix

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#12 The Sartorial Academic

I am an Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology. I study the applications of nanotechnology for ovarian cancer.

As an educator, I am also interested in visual learning.

I think this draw towards visuals is deeply ingrained and what draws me to fashion.

After being super casual in the lab for years I am now discovering workwear style and would love to share this journey with others.


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#13 What Academics are Wearing

Two fashion academics capturing the sartorial details of fellow educationalists.

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#14 Dr. Izzat Suffian

BEng Kobe University, Japan, Ph.D. from Kings College London, UK.

We’ll be hearing more from Dr. Suffian on a Meet the Scholar episode pretty soon!

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