Our round up of Stylish Academics on Instagram is back, but this time with a twist.

Last year, we published a weekly list of Stylish Academics, and these posts were so popular.

However, we are back with a monthly version of the series.

Are on Instagram? Share your photo with the hashtag #stylishacademic in your caption.

We’ll find you and share your story.

#1 Ellie Mackin

Ellie Mackin’s frames are style goals.

Ellie is an ancient historian who focuses on archaic and classical Greek religion.

She is currently writing two books: one on Hades, and one on Underworld gods, both under contract with Routledge.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram, Twitter, or visit her website.

#2 Faceculturalist

Faceculturalist is a Senior Academic, Researcher, and she is fearlessly stylish.

Her Instagram page is so beautifully curated, you will understand why she describes herself as a StyleTourist.

Visit her blog, The Faceculturalist – decoration of the face and body in beauty fashion and the arts.

#3 Ceri Brenner

We never knew Tweed would look so amazing on leather until Ceri took us to style academy.

Her Instagram bio reads Physics. Style. Life.

If you are thinking of writing a book in that title Ceri, we’ve got your back at Stylish Academic!

She’s an award-winning Physicist who loves innovation, style, and fitness.

Visit her website, ceribrenner.com

#4 Furaha Asani

Furaha passed her PhD viva in Janaury!

There’s a story behind the beautiful outfit she wore to her viva voce in the photo below.

Ssshhh, we’ll be back with the details.

Furaha blogs on Medium.Orisirisi.

#5 Fiona Smith

She is a Law professor at a top university in the UK.

Her Instagram bio reads:

Full time professor, part-time fashion addict.

Key takeaway from her stylish photo below: winter should not dull your sense of style.

#6 Meriame Berboucha

Meriame is a Forbes writer, science communicator, and Physicist.

You can read her latest story on Forbes here.

She is a Stylish Academic (and she can sing!). Check her out on Instagram.

#7  Elishao

It’s frame-envy day on Stylish Academic today, isn’t it?

Meet Stylish Academic, Elishao.
She’s a Biocultural Anthropologist, Artist, Writer, Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker and more.

Visit her blog here, and follow her on Instagram.

#8 Madeleine Seys

She teaches pre-twentieth-century literature, popular culture, and fashion.

Madeleine has a book published with Routledge, Fashion and Narrative in Victorian Popular Literature: Double Threads.

Read all about her scholarly style here. And follow her on Instagram.

#9 Stylish Professor

She’s a believer, wife, mom, college professor, and 6’1 tall girl who loves heels. Her Instagram page is every working woman’s style goals.

#10 Lesson of the month: Be Yourself

Do you know a Stylish Academic we should feature? We’d love to meet you. Drop us a line here.