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Spring is here (it seems), and my mind has turned to new ways of spicing up my current wardrobe, without having to invest in an entirely new season’s worth of styles. There’s no better way to do this than mixing and matching what’s already in your closet, and that includes prints!

However, there’s definitely a wrong way, and a right way, to mix prints. Below are a handful of my guidelines to follow; with these, you are sure to mix prints the right way.


Make sure there’s at least some common element that ties the multiple prints together, whether it’s the pattern, the tone, or the colours.

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In my photo above, the common thread is that both pieces have a black and white colour scheme that makes the outfit look more cohesive. Other options are going for various prints that are all the pastel color family or primary color family (red, yellow and blue).

A surefire way to mix and match prints well is to mix simpler and more graphic designs. In the photo below by Gastro Chic, the model mixes a bold & graphic blazer with smaller prints in the pants.



Play with size – wearing the same pattern but in different sizes, works well.


If your prints have wildly different color schemes, make sure both pieces have at least one color in common, or try matching neighboring colors on the color wheel, like blue and green. The colour in common below is “red”.


For a foolproof strategy, throw in a solid, whether its your purse, top, or skirt.


If you follow these tips and tricks, mixing and matching should be a cinch, whether it’s stripes with polka dots, floral with plaid, or houndstooth, and… well, a grid patterned sweater.

Happy Mixing!


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