The search for outfits that are both style -ish and appropriate for the lab world can be a daunting task. If you’ve got to spend hours under excessive air conditioning, or under the surreal yellow lighting of photolithography labs, MERIAME BERBOUCHA has some beautiful outfit ideas that might just stylishly fit in with that lifestyle.

(Feel free to vary these looks to suit your lab safety rules)

Working long hours in the lab can leave most people opting for the simple jumper and jeans- but why not change it up? Perhaps you’re going straight on to dinner… or frustrating lab sessions are to be tempered with an evening out with mates afterwards, these outfit ideas will be perfect for you.

By the way, who said Schrödinger wasn’t stylish?

Look 1 on the series: #SophisticatedFashionista

Here’s a smart-casual outfit for those group meeting days with your research group or round-the-clock teaching commitments.


Collared blouses look super sophisticated.

I have layered this three-quarter sleeve white blouse with a patterned tank top to add a splash of colour. Three-quarter-length sleeves leave your hands free, ensuring you don’t mess up any sensitive equipment and eliminates the possibility of your sleeves popping out of your lab coat and getting stained or burnt.

Stylish Academic Style LabSkinny jeans on the other hand, give you that flexibility you need in the lab. These khaki jeans were only £7 from H&M! #Bargain

The buttoned blouse keeps you warm in frosty lab spaces and is acceptable for most scientific meetings.

Depending on your lab safety rules, you may or may not be allowed to wear nail varnish. In my lab, we are, and I’ve gone for a red wine colour, which is perfect for the winter season. I’ve also tied my hair into a messy side braid, optimised for keeping it out of the way from any laser beams, rotating equipment or harmful solvents – and it’s super quick to do!

Style LAb 3

Nail polish – Berries and Cream, 60 seconds Super Shine, Rimmel London

Boots keep your toes warm and protect your feet from any unfortunate spills in the lab. I’m a fan of brown footwear, so I chose these long brown boots. They are flat, which means super comfy, especially in the lab where standing for long hours is not an anomaly.

Jewellery: In order to abide by laboratory safety rules and guidelines, I have kept my jewellery minimal. I  went for some cute studs that matched the colours of my patterned tank top.


I do hope this outfit idea has inspired you to carry out some experiments (in the wardrobe this time). I have more looks coming up in the series.

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