Plex TV Link is the most wanted TV link for entertainment lovers who can enjoy more than hundreds of channels of live TV. Additionally, people can have their personal media collection by using the most powerful application of Plex TV.

Besides streaming content, Plex TV Link also gives faster access to all the media collections, home videos, photos, and movies. One can find quick streaming at any device at any time. Whether it is the movie collection or your music archive, Plex not only beautifies the choice by adding moving posters but it also allows you to share it all with your friends and family.

It is mandatory to have an internet connection with your TV.  Go to the Samsung App Store and sign in.  There are a number of apps on the main screen and you have to select a recommended app or you can either browse or search for Plex.  Once selected, install the Plex application and allow your TV to install the application.

  1. At the Android TV menu, select Google Play Store.
  2. Select the search icon on your screen
  3. Write Plex on the search field and allow the device to search
  4. Choose Plex from the result and select Install.


There are a number of benefits to connecting your app to your Plex account. Connect your Plex account with your Plex player application and it will facilitate you with:

  1. It helps the Plex apps to locate and connect with personalized Plex Media Server.
  2. Apps like PlayStation, Smart TV, and Xbox will only work when the application and server are logged in.
  3. The subscribers of Plex, can use the Plex Pass subscription feature.
  4. You can share the content with your family and friends.

There is a number of methods to connect an app with your account, depending on which application you are working on.


Plex account also allows you to sign in through the following methods:

  1. Login through Google
  2. Login through Facebook
  3. Login through Apple
  4. Login through Email (Plex account password)

Big screen applications like Android TV, Apple TV, and Smart TV normally allow connecting the application of your account through a four-digit link code. It will allow you to connect to your Plex Account without entering the login details and it could also be done with any keyboard of any similar device.

The information screen will show the information about Plex account and shows the sign up button.
A four-digit code will be shown, which will be used for the Plex account.

You can put the four-digit code at which will access the respective Plex account.

Plex is regularly offering a number of new and old favorites to its subscribers. Download Plex TV for the best free entertainment streaming and share it with your friends and family.


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