Dear Reader,

Thank you for staying with Stylish Academic despite the long sabbatical the team needed to set the house in order. As we approach our second birthday in a few months, it has become important to once again evaluate Stylish Academic, what we are here for, and how this platform can be of utmost value to you.

When Stylish Academic was launched in November 2014, the vision was simply to cast off the myth that one could not be academically inclined and at the same time care about personal style or grooming. I love how Dr Ben Barry puts it in his piece: it’s “…our way of telling the world we’re too focused on matters of the mind to care about what we put on our bodies.” Of course, going by the overwhelming response to Stylish Academic‘s mantra, the world outside academia could not have been farther from the truth – just click through our Meet the Scholar pages.

Ever since, our vision has expanded to other areas of academic and professional life, and your warm reception of this platform has been highly instrumental to that process – thank you.

Today, Stylish Academic‘s objectives are:

  • To build a community that is free to express itself through personal style – unburdened by myths and unspoken expectations
  • To support you in working out your personal style and further build confidence while at it
  • To promote work/life balance through sharing stories
  • To explore lifestyle in academia – celebrate the good, critique the bad, and cast-off the ugly (3C’s)
  • To make quality stylish and fashionable items available to you

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Thank you once again for subscribing to Stylish Academic. Myself and the team are grateful for your readership and contribution.

Going forward, Stylish Academic will come to you once a week, on Fridays.

We are back & better.

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Tee Ola