Meet Yemi Jegede, the PhD researcher whom otherwise would have been a football player… cool geek. Yemi Jegede Stylish Academic

Tell us about your research?

My research revolves around the development of sustainable eco-friendly heating and air-conditioning solutions for use in the emerging landscape of emission cuts (huh?). In simple terms, I am working on air-conditioners that are less harmful to the environment.

What’s the best thing about being an academic researcher?

For me it’s the dynamic nature of my work. Everyday has its own challenges so I’m never bored…plus it’s flexible so I can wake up when I want (laughs) – hope my supervisor never reads this (fingers crossed bro, fingers crossed 🙂 )

What book are you reading?

To be honest, I’m not the type to be reading a book. I don’t have the patience to survive hundreds of pages of recurring black and white, I simply get bored. I’m a bit on the active side so I would usually be out somewhere, unless of course I’m in uni

What style are you comfortable in?

I like to keep it smart casual. You know, I never want to be taken too seriously. Plus smart casual should mostly do, whether you are going to a club or doing your viva

Most favourite item in your wardrobe?Yemi Jegede Stylish Academic

Chai, I don’t play with my blazers. They have a special compartment in my closet. Blazers first, every other thing comes after.

What are your favourite fashion brands?

‘Zara’ and ‘Massimo Dutti’ because they offer good clothing and style for reasonable prices. Not those shops that you enter and run like 3 Usain Bolts combined when you see their prices.

Where do you shop for your outfits?

Err London, Birmingham, Lagos (Nigeria). Really depends on where I come across something I like. I am not the type to take a day out shopping. I’m spontaneous with it.

Whose style inspires you?

David Beckham, OBE. David Beckham is it!

If you could ask three (academic juggernauts) for dinner, who would they be, and why?

Elon Musk, Elon Musk & Elon Musk. Because he represents a new generation of geeks. You almost feel as if geek is the new cool when you read about him.

pounded yamWhat would you spend your last cash on?

Pounded yam and Efo (Nigerian delicacy). At least let me be filled up before I officially go bankrupt.

What academic events or seminars will you be attending in the next 6 months?

Err Sorption Heats Conference in Sicily. Can’t wait!

 Are you a Windows or a Mac?

Windows, I can form Mac sometimes sha lol. (When you go Mac you don’t go back, just saying :|)

Where will be your ideal get-away spot from the academic hustle?

Cuba. The magnificence,… second to none.

Who are you when you are not doing research or teaching?

When I’m not doing research, I write, play games or party…

People are always surprised that…

I am a researcher (chuck my name on that list too Yemi)

If you were not an academic researcher, what would you be?

I’ll probably be a football player (and you just watched the millions walk away!)

Yemi Jegede Stylish Academic

Yemi, thank you for making the PhD sound like a breeze. Do you have a question for Yemi? Please fire away in the comment section. 

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