Meet Claudette Kika. It’s not everyday you find a scholar who kinda likes Kim Kardashian.

Tell us about your research?

C Kika 3My research is about supporting student management with business analytics in the UK Higher Education sector. I aim to explore the use and impact of business analytics in UK’s institutions of higher education, with regards student management. This is important because many managers deal with a large amount of data (student data), with no effective way of making sense of it. This way, my research helps identify how BA can be used to lighten the information overload and also assist managers in having a better understanding of the different types of BA and its applications.

The best thing about being an academic researcher

For me, attending of conferences and networking events!

Reading any book at the moment? 

Think Positive ThoughtsThink Positive Thoughts Everyday By Patricia Wayant. It was recommended to me by one of my vine followers to keep me upbeat through my PhD.

What style are you comfortable in?

Right, I really love to experiment. You can catch me in an African printed skirt or blazer, even a dashiki. However, on a regular day I am mostly smart-casually dressed – perhaps a dress, or a two piece item. I also love my leggings/palazzo trousers/chinos and a nice top.

Most favourite item in your wardrobe

My Chanel no.5 tracksuit from Asos Marketplace, I always get stopped and asked where I got it from.

Favourite fashion brands

C Kika 1I do majority of my shopping online but my main high street brands are:

Topshop | H&M | River Island | Miss selfridge | New Look

But I also shop for outfits @ Asos Marketplace | Boohoo | Missguided |Pretty little thing | La Moda | BeLondon Fashion | Etsy (absolutely love Etsy!) | Miss Pap | Choies |Real friends |Amazon

Whose style inspires you?

I love Jourdan Dunn, the supermodel style, Cara Delevigne, Rihanna to an extent and Kim Kardashian’s co-ordinate style is nice. My Aunty from my dad’s side as well was labelled a fashionista when she was growing up, my family say I get that trait from her lol.

If you could ask three (academic juggernauts) for dinner, who would they be, and why?

Jay Galbraith, Henry Mintzberg and Herbert Simon

The first two are because I’m using their theories for my research and the last one is because I would like to delve deep in conversation with him on how he came about his theories on decision making and if it would be applicable to my research for further study in the late future.

What would you spend your last cash on?

Probably my hair.

What academic events or seminars will you be attending in the next 6 months?

I’m awaiting feedback on an academic paper I’ve submitted to a conference in the area of knowledge management in Asia, so if accepted I’ll go.

Organising an SEM (Structural Equational Modelling) workshop for research students in my business school institute. Got one or two events in london relating to Business Analytics that I will attend and also training sessions towards the next stage of my PhD- the write up

Are you a Windows or a Mac?C Kika 2


Where will be your ideal get-away spot from the academic hustle?

I would like to visit LA once more, with maybe two friends of mine – visit Universal Studios theme park, go to some beaches etc. I went with my parents when I was younger it would be lovely to explore with friends.

Who are you when you are not doing research or teaching?

A down to earth girl who has an interest in fashion, music, festivals and food! I have a bucket list of restaurants I want to attend this year lol.

People are always surprised that…

I can’t sing lol! Apparently, I look like a singer

If you were not an academic researcher, what would you be?

Probably working towards a managerial position in a small pharmaceutical firm. This was my major during my bachelors.


Feature Photo: marco antonio torres/Creative Commons