Meet the Scholar, Romola Sadiq, who is into wax, fashion, and Faraday. Power to #GirlsinScience!

Tell us about your research?

My project focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms that are involved in the liquid to solid phase transition following the preparation of Wax-In-Water emulsions. My project employs the use of aspects of Colloid Chemistry, Heat/Mass Transfer and Process development, to mention a few.

Romski 1I could go ahead defining terms but I wouldn’t want to bore you guys.

To put simply, I am investigating how to stabilize cooled wax particles for various applications in day-to-day products.

What’s the best thing about being an academic researcher?

The challenge of questioning results, exhausting all experimental avenues for the sake of comparison and of course attending conferences abroad.

What book is Romola reading at the mo’?

Biblical Healing by T.L. Osborn

What style are you comfortable in?

Ooooooh! This varies with my mood but if I had a gun to my head and had to choose, I would say simple yet chic. Think Audrey Hepburn #PetiteChic

Most favourite item in your wardrobe

My Fur Giletttttttt! Yum! Throw it on your Pyjamas and bam! Wam!, you look Glam!

What are your favourite fashion brands?Romski 2

Zara, Topshop, Reiss, Asos, COS, Ralph Lauren, amongst soooooo many more lol

Where do you shop for your outfits?
All of the above, more frequently Topshop, Zara

Oh as in cities?

Birmingham, Germany, Paris or Online

Whose style inspires you?

Not one for getting style inspiration off anyone in particular but there a few ladies I admire; Victoria Beckham and the Late Audrey Hepburn

If you could ask three (academic juggernauts) for dinner, who would they be?

Tharwat F Tadros, Michael Faraday and Bernd Sachweh

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

These distinguished gentlemen are known for their wealth of knowledge in emulsion and colloid research, so if I could gain a thing or two over Sunday roast, why not?!

Michael Faraday founded colloid science; I would like to know how things were analyzed back in the day without the use of modern pilot plants, measurement devices e.t.c

If your research were about a fashion brand, what would it be?

Tough but interesting question!

Balmain! I understand all brands have their signature looks and things but ALL their blazers have such a striking semblance and would like to know why they haven’t thought of playing things up a little bit!

Love their blazers though, just wish they would do more!

ASOS! Why no walk in stores? They have already built a target market and know exactly what it is so why not profit in store and online?Romski 4

What would you spend your last cash on?

A nice dress! “Dress how you would like to be addressed”

(Okay maybe depends on how much it is), might pay for a holiday somewhere nice! Loool

What academic events or seminars will you be attending in the next 6 months?

Can’t confirm these at the moment, as there is a lot of deciding and reshuffling going on.

Are you a Windows or a Mac?


Where will be your ideal get-away spot from the academic hustle?

Lake Como! Just perfect, Sun bathing on a yatch not thinking about articles, deadlines, vivas, presentations, just LOVING.LIFE!

Oh and preferably with some fruits in hand ☺

Romski 3Who are you when you are not doing research or teaching?

Watching TV shows or keeping up to date with social and current affairs round the world. Either by means of social media, magazines or newspapers.

People are always surprised that…

I can be extremelyyyyyy introverted! Lol

If you were not an academic researcher, what would you be?
Fashion Editor or a Brand Developer and Manager for a Fashion Brand.


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