Beauty and style do not always have to break the bank you know? It can be affordable yet effortlessly chic.

imagesMany of us do not wear makeup to the campus, not because we don’t give a hoot (some of us don’t actually), but because there isn’t enough time in the morning to “face-fuss”. For others, the tools and products are simply too expensive.

Once upon a time, I would apply my foundation with my fingers because they were way cheaper than Mac’s 30-something-pound make up brushes; but I have learnt that your brushes are as important as the product you put on your face.

Thanks to Stylist, here are 10 quality brushes that won’t break the bank but still get the job done. Here we go:

1. The Angle Brush from Lottie London £4.99

Angle Brush Lottie London

Angle brushes are useful for drawing the famous winged eyeliner along your upper lashes. It doesn’t have to always be dramatic or OTT (over the top), but it’s brilliant for times you want to keep your make up barely there. Pair the eyeliner with a nude lipstick and jet out the door. VOGUE has an interesting tutorial on using the angle brush here.

2. Blusher and Contour Brush £8.99

blush or contour brush

I know contouring has reached a frenzy new high, with people contouring collarbones and abs. Lacking the patience, even I have given up on face contouring. However, adding a bit of blush before you step out in the morning does wake your face up. The key is to apply it correctly according to your face frame. COSMOPOLITAN helps us out here with some illustration for different face shapes. Product-wise, I would recommend SLEEK Blush Palette – be mindful of your skin tone. Darker hues, such as myself, do well with berry/plum, and a bit of orange.

3. Luxe Petit Crease Zoeva £6.95

luxe petit crease brush

This brush has a dome-shaped tip that is perfect for applying eye shadow. You might find this review helpful.

4. Brow Master by Bare Minerals £15.00


I recently realised the power in the brow. I have always let them run wild and do their thing, but taming them gives your face a new life. Even if you decide to go makeup-less, spend a few seconds on your brow or get a professional to shape them up. It will make so much of a difference to how you look, more so, if you wear glasses. Who doesn’t these days, with the insane hours we spend on the computer screen.

5. Fan Brush Smashbox £14.50


For those of us that have to deal with a shiny T-zone from morning till night, this brush is perfect for lightly dusting powder over the spots.

Other brands to look out for affordable brushes are Real Techniques, Kiko, No. 7, and Barry M. What makeup brushes do you currently have in your bag? Please share.


For more about brushes: see how to select the right brush for you & how to keep them clean.