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History which was formerly The History Channel is an American paid TV channel. This channel is owned and flagship by A & E networks (a joint venture between Walt Disney and Hearst Communication). Initially, the focus of the History channel was based on history documentaries but later in the 2000’s the direction shifted towards reality-based television programs. To get the access to History channel on your internet-connected device, activate your device now through History com activate (History.com/activate).

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Criticism Faced by History

Though the channel has quite received recognition and fame. It still has been able to face some criticism. Due to the change in the format the channel has faced quite criticism by historians, scientists and skeptics as well due to the broadcast of pseudo-documentaries. They referred to it as unsubstantiated and sensational investigative programming. It started because of the change in direction of the channel and airing reality-based programs rather than focusing only on documentaries.

A Brief History of The “History” Channel | The Skeptical Teacher

Did the Criticism Affect the Viewership of the History Channel?

Regardless of the criticism, the channel has faced by the professional, the channel has still been able to get love and support from its audience. In 2015, there were around 97,000,000 American households (83% of the total households who watch TV) who received the flagship of History channel. History is not only watched in the USA but it is watched worldwide. Now with its website and online account you can get easy access and activate your account through History com activate. 

How to Activate History Account on Roku Device?

If you have a Roku device and want to stream your History channel on it, then follow these simple steps to activate your History account:

1.    Turn on your Roku device.

2.    On the Home Screen look for the App Store.

3.    In the App Store, look for the search box and type History App.

4.    Tap on the app to download it.

5.    Once the app has been installed, tap to run and launch the application.

6.    Sign or sign up if you don’t have an account.

7.    Enter your email address and credentials to access your account. 

8.    Tap to continue.

9.    Once logged in, you will see an activation code popping up on your Oku device’s screen.

10. Save this code to use later for the activation process.

11. On another device or phone pen a browser.

12. In the URL section type “History com activate”, open the link.

13. Now enter the code in the box to activate your account.

14. Tap to continue.

15. Your account has been activated and is ready to use.

16. Now enjoy unlimited access and watch your favorite programs on it.

History.com/activate - Activate History Channel on Roku, Apple TV & Fire TV  (2021)

Can We Watch History On Internet-Connected Devices?

Yes, you can watch History on any internet-connected device through its application. It is available on Android TV and other devices as well. Try to find if your device is History supported by searching in the App Store and follow the same steps as above to activate your account on any device through History com activate. 


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