As the weather takes chilly to a whole new high (or should I say low?), it’s time to pile on the jumpers and double the tights. To layer outfits is risky business because many times, for the sake of comfort and warmth…to heck with style! However, there is a secret to layering, and we are about to share the top tips with you.

1. Keep it monochrome + neutral toned. One can add a pop of colour through accessories (scarves) or makeup (lipstick)

Credit: Stylograph

Source: Stylograph


2. Get the basic – layer turtle necks & t-shirts with dresses

VOGUE offers some useful tips on how to style the turtle neck trend this winter. To wear under blazers for instance, keep the fabric thin not chunky.


3. Amidst the sea of black and grey winter coats, a surefire way to stand out is to play with sharp contrast in your selected pieces for layering. Break the rules, no one will sue


4. A button-front shirt is a must-have for layering. The collar comes handy for knit-sweaters


5. Stripes and protruding sleeves are not a bad idea at all



6. Mix prints – stripes & checks, stripes & polka dots…and more


7. When in doubt, know that a denim shirt will never go wrong. See how the Stylecaster team handled the “denim challenge”

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