Ingenious hairstyle for fine hair: “Fluffy Hair” is the most beautiful undone hairstyle with lots of volume

The hairstyle trend “Fluffy Hair” with an undone look provides more volume

Now it’s getting fluffy, because the new hairstyle trend called “Fluffy Hair” is conquering the beauty industry. No big surprise that this particular look is currently on the road to success. It is super effortless with a certain undone touch , but still very effective. This means that the wearer can look forward to a lot of extra volume inside .

Fluffy hair: The hairstyle trend creates a lot of volume

But how can you imagine fluffy hair? Similar hairstyles are likely to be known from the 90s, because this hairstyle is inspired by it. Basically you could describe them as loose and bouncy, which creates a fluffy look, which is responsible for the naming of the trendy style. While this is a blow dryer hairstyle, the whole thing doesn’t look too done or too glamorous.

Rather, the undone character plays a major role, which ensures that this hairstyle never looks “over the top”. It should appear as if it had cost neither effort nor time or many products. You can imagine the hairstyle trend as if you were to toss your hair upside down and toss it back again. Hello, volume! By the way, you don’t have to run to the hairdresser for this, you can lend a hand yourself. Fluffy Hair works with a blow dryer , but also with curlers without heat.

This is how the undone hairstyle works with a hairdryer

With the latter variant of the hairstyle trend, you should make sure that the upper part of the divided strands in particular is wrapped in order to create more volume at the roots. Then leave the curlers in your hair overnight, take them off the next morning and comb your mane well. Those who prefer to work with the hairdryer can first let their hair dry 60 to 80 percent in the air and only then start the blowout session. To do this, divide the hair into four to six sections and style each one with a round brush while blow-drying. A little tip: Ideally, the tips of fluffy hair should fall inwards. Finally, throw your hair overhead once, apply hairspray – and enjoy the extra portion of volume.


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