In vs. out: These 3 eyeshadow trends are out in autumn 2021 – and we wear these trendy eye make-up looks instead

Eye make-up in fall 2021: These 3 eyeshadow trends are in and these 3 are out

In the past year, the focus has shifted to the eyes. Ever since masks have been regularly covering our lips, we have wanted to make a statement with our eyes – after all, they are the very first ones you see in public transport, supermarkets and the like. So it’s no wonder that there is a trend update in terms of eyeshadow and eye make-up that we don’t want to withhold from you. We’ll now reveal what is currently in fashion for the eyelids and how to put your eyes in the limelight in autumn 2021.

In vs. out: These 3 eyeshadow trends are out – and we now wear these eye make-up looks

Out: Black Smokey Eye

In: Colorful Smokey Eye

The base of a classic smokey eye is usually a black or very dark eyeshadow. The goal: to conjure up a smoky look that looks super elegant by blending the product on the lid. But that also works with color! With the colorful Smokey Eye, blending remains an important part of the eye make-up look. But now the dark eyeshadow is blended with a colorful one and you get a great effect. Due to the combination of both eyeshadows, the colorful one loses its luminosity and no longer looks so gaudy. So if you are looking for a new eyeshadow palette and want to try out a colorful smokey eye, you should make sure that a black, dark gray or dark brown eyeshadow is part of it. Who does not want to mix

Out: Soft eye make-up

In: Hard (eyeshadow) edges

Actually, the following applies: Always blend hard edges – but not in autumn 2021. It’s all about statement looks and geographical shapes. To achieve this, you can put the fluffy blending brush to one side and grab the kajal first. This is the easiest way to draw lines and define the shape of the eye make-up. Then choose a creamy eyeshadow, because it has a very high coverage and lasts longer on the eyelid without settling. Color in the shape with a brush and the trendy look is ready.

Out: Matte eyeshadow

In: Eye-lighting with shimmering textures

If our eyes are already in focus, we obviously want to get the best out of them, don’t we? With a very simple trick, you can not only make them bigger, but also make your eyes look immediately more alert. All one has to do is choose the right finish of the eyeshadow. Instead of matt, it should be shimmering. Important: It must not glitter or contain large glitter particles, as you want to achieve a more natural glow. Shades of mother-of-pearl are particularly suitable for this. These can also be used as toppers, which means that you put the shimmering eyeshadow over the matt to give it the desired effect. Psst: Also works with a highlighter for the cheeks.


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