Ikea innovations: The October collection includes design trend pieces from 2 euros – you can shop them here

Innovations at Ikea: The October collection includes design trend pieces from 2 euros – you can shop them here

The combination of “design trend pieces” and “from 2 euros” is music to our ears . The October collection from Ikea enchants with Nordic-inspired and nature- based innovations that give every apartment that certain something. Because when the days get shorter again and the early onset of darkness drives us into the cozy four walls, we are all the more pleased about the newly acquired interior pieces .

The official announcement of the new collection : “In October everything revolves around bringing the beauty of nature home. The central idea of ​​the new products is to make the home a place of calm. Cozy wool textures and natural elements, which stand for Scandinavian design contrast with the industrial, rustic style. ” That’s exactly what we want now! That’s why we’ve put together our five favorite pieces for shopping here.

Ikea novelties: You can shop these 5 pieces from the October collection directly for your home

“Bunkflo” pendant lamp from Ikea

The “Bunkflo” suspension lamp impresses with its timeless design made of white steel and a decorative detail made of solid birch. It can be hung up individually or in a two or three-way formation and is a high-quality eye-catcher with soft light in every room.

“Ärofull” tealight holder from Ikea

What goes better with autumn than flickering candlelight? We therefore prefer to place the tea light collection in the “Ärofull” tea light holders , which were created in collaboration with designer Ilse Crawford. Inspired by the Scandinavian nature, they delight with their simple, timeless design and go well with both modern and traditional furnishings.

“Håverud” table from Ikea

Whether in the kitchen, study or living room: “Håverud” is not just a table, but a space-saving all-rounder in industrial style with various hanging options. You can sit, stand, work or eat at it and always have everything to hand. A real asset, especially for small apartments .

“Svärdborg” carpet from Ikea

A carpet gives a room the necessary warmth and cosiness, and that is exactly what this unique carpet called “Svärdborg” stands for . Soft knobs woven in by hand and different colored yarns make this rug truly unique. The pure new wool also makes it extremely hard-wearing.

“Gunnlaug” curtain from Ikea

When the noisy everyday life makes your ears ring again, it’s time to draw the “Gunnlaug” curtain and enjoy the subdued tranquility by candlelight. Because the curtain in a classic gray can do just that: dampen the noises that surround you in the four walls . This is primarily due to the combination of chenille yarn and a special weave.


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