Personal style is transient.

As one gets older, it switches up to reflect the new you. Discovering my personal style over time has been a journey (still is), but the process has led to me feeling more confident and happy.

Check out my blog, Natmari’s Corner, on how I developed my personal style over the years.

However, in a quick snapshot, the journey to discovering my personal style involved a few steps.

The search for my style inspiration

I looked on Pinterest, blogs, Polyvore, YouTube for inspiration, including pictures of myself in my favourite outfits. After doing this, I could see what I liked, so I created a few Pinterest boards with outfits from my style inspiration…

Clearing out my closet/dresser

I took everything out and cleaned it. Since I was going to refresh my wardrobe why not have a clean space?

The fashion show with my wardrobe

Try on your clothes/shoes/etc. to see how things fit, look at the condition and see how you feel about them. Does your wardrobe match your current lifestyle and personal style? This may seem like a daunting task, but trust me it is necessary.

Making a detailed list

This list should include: what you are missing in your wardrobe, words that describe your personal style and a list of colors/prints that you like to wear.

For example, words that describe my personal style are:

  • Vintage
  • Classic,
  • Feminine and
  • quirky and
  • I like autumn colors.

This list came in handy whenever I went shopping and helped me create a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe that consists of pieces that are functional, fit your lifestyle, suit your personal style and can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

Visualize your capsule wardrobe pieces into outfits that work for your lifestyle.

I suggest starting with 15 outfits that you can mix and match.

At least 5 professional outfits, 5 casual outfits and 5 outfits that can transition from day to night and include at least 1 “power” outfit in each category. A “power” outfit is an outfit that makes you feel amazing, confident and beautiful no matter what. Even on your bad days, your “power” outfit will make you feel confident.
This process might appear time-consuming, but if you do them in bits, not so much.

power professional outfit

You will not arrive at an understanding of your personal style overnight. I didn’t.

It usually starts with trying on an outfit, loving the look, replicating that look with another print and so on.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

I love to dress well. It makes me feel confident.

As I look back on my personal style journey, it was fun because I learnt how to get creative with my outfits, save time getting dressed in the morning and have a wardrobe that is my truly my own.

Natmari Stylish Academic


Natamari is a scientist who blogs about lifestyle, inspiration, books, DIYs, style gems and anything else in-between. Visit her blog,  Natmari’s Corner, and follow her on Twitter.


Header Photo by Bruce Mars.