Can I wear Polka Dots to work? The answer is yes, you can!

Polka Dots has a playful and cheerful vibe, thanks to Minnie Mouse. This sometimes makes it a workplace pariah.

However, that doesn’t stop you from adapting the pattern for your work-wardrobe.

Some organisatons place an unspoken demand for a somber or muted code of dressing, but Polka Dots can be muted too.

I love this quote from one Stylish Academic because she aptly captures what it means to stay professional without sacrificing your personal style.

I respect the codes, but I don’t let them define me.

Prof. Fiona Smith, Stylish Academic

Keep scrolling for our edit on how you may style Polka Dots to work, and a few fun facts on the pattern’s history at the end.

#1 Polka dot as a skirt to work

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#2 Blazer over a polka dot dress

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A blazer-over-dress look is a workwear staple, especially if you’ve got a Black blazer.

#3 Polka dot as a top

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Also see…

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#4 Polka dot as a casual Friday dress

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#5 Polka dot to work as outerwear

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A quick history of Polka Dots

Polka Dots are associated with Vintage-style clothing, and with good reason. Its roots go far back.

In Medieval Europe, Polka Dots pattern was considered very unpleasant, representing disease and impurity.

As a fashion staple, its introduction to the scene began with Miss America 1926. She was photographed in a Polka Dots swimsuit.

Christian Dior used the dotted pattern in his New Look collection after the war.

Popular American Actress, Marilyn Monroe also spotted in a Polka Dot Bikini in a 1951 photogrpah.

There is ongoing discourse around men and Polka Dots, as to whether it is emasculating.

Stylish Academic is not one to abide by rules when it comes to sartorial choices, so yes Stylish Academic men should defintely give Polka Dot a try.

So, will you be wearing Polka Dots to work?

Have you ever done so?

Do share your experience on how you make the pattern work for you.

Header Photograph: @thatcorporatechic – workwear blogger