Style blogger, Fashion Thematic, shares some of his key tips on how to style men’s floral neck ties.

Spring is floral, but menswear isn’t the first spot you’d think to find the pretty motif. Save for holidays or the occasional bold wedding guest, men tend to relatively keep off the floral theme.

Here, Fashion Thematic breaks all the rules and comes out dashing at the end of it all.

Floral Men’s Ties

There are men to whom wearing colours don’t come naturally – especially floral patterns.

They tend to stick to the safe palettes of navy, grey, brown, and black.

Most times, you find men wear the occasional floral print to wedding events, and that’s it.

However, there is an is an art to wearing the bold print to events other than just weddings  – think networking events, awards nights.

Floral ties are an exciting possibility for other formal events, because it makes a bold and unique statement in contrast to dull and standard men’s formal wear.

When well paired, floral neckties can showcase aspects our personality no one has been privy to.

It may seem that men are restricted in choices of what to wear for everyday activities, but getting the hang of how to wear your tie especially in floral print will open you to a new world of wardrobe possibilities.

Before we get started on how to style your floral neckties, remember, rules are meant to be broken and for rules to be broken, you need to understand them first.

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How to style floral neck ties

Rule of thumb when styling a floral necktie is this: ensure that colours on the floral tie match the colour of the shirt. 

Your best option is to select plain coloured shirts when wearing floral neck ties.

For instance:

A) White shirt and Grey Double-breasted blazer with wine-coloured floral tie(with rose) with pants

B) A Nude Blazer with a baby pink shirt matches blue floral tie.

c) A White Blazer with pink shirt and style it with blue floral tie

In what context would a man’s floral necktie be deemed inappropriate? In a highly formal setting. For instance, a business or board meeting. You may be able to narrowly escape a faux pas if you pair it with a dark-coloured shirt.

To begin your experiment with floral neckties, start with shirts in white, navy blue, and black.

Also, pair your ties with dark-coloured suits (or nude/grey). Use the technique of contrast to keep the focus on the floral print.

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You can also get his floral neckties at SimonNUel.

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