Furaha Asani shares her story in this video; how she honoured her Father through her PhD Viva experience. 

In March of 2016 my Father passed away,unexpectedly.

He was from the Republic of Congo, and he studied for his Medical degree in Moscow in Russia.

My mother was studying for her degree in Stomatology. They met and fell in love and my father went to do a PhD.

During my PhD I investigated why immuno-compromised people, so people that have blood cancers and people that have HIV, have a higher risk of developing pneumococall disease. This means I did a lot of work with NHS (National Health Service Staff) staff.

I loved writing my thesis, and it is something that I am really proud of…

…I started thinking about a way that I could honour my father during my Viva, especially seeing as he had a PhD defence.

Luckily, I had a photo of him during that defence so what I did was try to fashion my outfit based on what he had worn…

Watch the video for the full story on Furaha’s PhD Viva and how she honoured her dad:

Furaha is a Post Doctoral Research Associate by day and late evenings, working on a clinical trial.

In between this she is a writer of poetry, prose, songs and flash fiction.

She also uses her writing platforms for mental health advocacy.

Furaha is one of the top contributing writers on Stylish Academic.

She completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield investigating subtle immune defects in patients at risk of pneumococcal disease.

As a student of the Florey institute for host-pathogen interactions, she was involved in the planning and organisation of two annual symposia (In 2014 and 2015).

She also took part in outreach and tutoring activities for children and young adults, as well as Higher Education students across various departments and levels of learning.

This video was created by the University of Sheffield, and has been published with permission.

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