Hola! My Instagram handle is doctora_jewels, and I became interested in jewelry upon inheriting several unique pieces from my grandmother.

I am a Spanish and Film Professor, and really enjoy styling jewelry with work outfits.

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Most of my clothing is black, in part because black serves as a great backdrop for colorful and interesting pieces. They really stand out on a dark background.

You can see an example of this from my first post, taken in an antique store in Girona, Spain.


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How do I style jewelry?

First off, I hardly ever buy sets of jewelry where each piece is made by the same maker and matches perfectly.

I usually wear a necklace, earrings, two rings, and a bracelet or two.

I don’t think about them as a set in a traditional way.

A distinctive way to think about pairing different items is through an option in the card game Set, where one rule in the game says a set can be three cards that have features that are common on all three cards.

For example, a set in the game of Set may consist of three sets of ovals, but all three have different shadings.

Bearing this in mind, you could think of three cards in a set instead as the combination of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace; then look for elements that these have in common.

Could they all be yellow, for example, but have completely different shapes like the pieces in this post?


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Another neat aspect of the game Set is that a set can also consist of each shape being completely different, but all three cards in the set have the same shaded pattern.

In this case, all three of these pieces have some black in them, but they are shaped very differently, adding interest to the eye.

Now, this is a bit different from the card game, but with jewelry, you could choose one element in your set to unify the other two items.

In this picture, these earrings have red, cream and black, and they help to unify the red necklace and cream bracelet.

It is fun to mix pieces with unique combinations…

Interesting jewelry may be found in many places.

Keep your eyes out for “new to you” items in antique and vintage stores, flea markets, consignment shops (I find a lot at Buffalo Exchange while traveling to different cities), and of course, on Instagram.

Airport and museum shops are great sources for treasures too.

Since I like items that have personal meaning, I find that many pieces I wear invite people into conversation with me.

This means I am able to express myself through the styling of my varying sets of jewelry.

For instance, this necklace is from a Colombian airport shop, and is modeled after elements of el sombrero vueltiao, a typical Colombian hat.


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It is probably the piece for which I have received the most compliments, and it makes me proud of my Colombian heritage.

A lot of my jewelry comes from Spain, a place from where my loves hail from as well: my husband and my area of research.

My husband is a great gift-giver, and he gave me both of these fabulous bracelets made by Uno de cincuenta.

I particularly like the hardware on these pieces, and that the clasps are such an intricate part of the bracelet, since usually a clasp is more of an afterthought.

When I wear them, it reminds me of how well he knows my style.

What about you?

Which pieces of jewelry are meaningful to you, and why?

How do you express your style through the sets of jewelry you create?

What new sets might you create this week?

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