The Sartorial Science Project is a Tumblr site dedicated to scientists who love fashion, and you can be a part of it too as an academic scientist!

Satorial Science Project

The Satorial Science Project page

Simply submit a photo of yourself and give the following details about your research and style inspiration:




Research in (10 words):

Fashion icon:

If my research were an item of clothing it would be:

Twitter handle:

It is the hope of the publishers that The Sartorial Science Project will show the public that we academics in science are fashionable and approachable, not boring and dull, sitting in a dusty office or always tucked away in the lab – the way people seem to think we are!

The project kicked off recently, and this is a call to you to be a part of it!

Send your responses to (note the plural!)

Stylish Academic endorses The Sartorial Science Project

We love this project because it keys in with our ethos that SMART and STYLISH are not mutually exclusive. Undoing this stereotype will not happen in a jiffy, but with more projects and blogs like this springing up, it is only a matter of time 🙂


Feature Photo: Women of Colour in Tech Chat/Flickr used with permission