Timi Adesanya, the lady behind the Instagram page, Grab a Bargain UK, shares with us some key tips on how to grab a bargain in style.

How do you find a good bargain?

I typically find bargains by monitoring sales in various shops.

When the sale goes down to 70% off, then it’s the right time to start browsing.

It takes lots of patience because you have to take time to sift through the rubble, before finally finding some gems!

  • I shop during sales, not when prices are full price!
  • Stalk the sales to ensure prices are low enough! (it’s quite annoying when you buy an item reduced to £30 for example, only to find out it has been further reduced to £10 later on lol)
  • Patiently sift through items to find good deals. Warning – it is very tedious and might take hours if I’m visiting various shops in a day, but it’s so worth it!


Mark & Spencer Bag £2.87 (RRP £29.50) during one of their previous 90% off sale

Are you intentional about bargains or just stumble on them?

Oh, I am very intentional about bargains; otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten as many good deals as I’ve been able to.

There are a few bargain hunters where I live, so competition is quite fierce! lol

Why is grabbing a bargain important to you – asides a good bargain is always a good thing?

I think firstly, I actually enjoy shopping; particularly bargain hunting.

It has always been a hobby of mine.

I can remember when I was younger and would go shopping with my sisters, I typically would take my time sifting through sales, and less than 10mins into the trip, they would be bored, shouting that it’s time to go – but I was just getting started.

In addition, I’m now a mum with a mortgage and a tighter budget, so bargain hunting and saving money everywhere possible is even more crucial!


How do you stay stylish on a bargain, knowing what’s on trend may not be on sale?

I target particular shops like H&M who do great deals and have really stylish pieces. Although I should say that I’m not really a trend-follower. I normally buy items that I like and complement my personal style.

However, for people who are keen to stay on trend, the key is to shop for wardrobe staples in the sale section (eg you can often find trousers, skirts and even blazers for £5 in H&M), then splurge on unique trendy pieces.

What do you say to people who may say you’re being “cheap” because you are on the lookout for a bargain?

Oh, I like this question, because it’s something I struggled with in the past.

I actually don’t mind being called ‘cheap’; on the contrary, I’m very happy to ‘own’ the label.

If shopping around for a good deal makes me cheap, then I guess I am …lol. As a grown woman I’m happy and comfortable with who I am and what I like.

My younger teenage self was so embarrassed that I hid my bargain-hunting ‘hobby’ from my school friends.

I appreciate and respect the fact that everyone is different. Bargain-hunting is not for everyone, the key is to ‘Do You’!

Takeaway tip for bargain hunting

I think the best advice is to have lots and lots of patience whilst shopping!

Best brand/places to grab a bargain?

I have always loved H&M for great deals on clothes.

As a big-feet girl (UK size 9 to be exact!) Topshop is fantastic, as they do really stylish shoes which are often significantly reduced during their sale.

Lastly, I’m going to say M&S, which is very ironic as they are not typically known for bargains, but my local M&S is a bargain-hunter’s dream!

I’ve gotten some of my best deals during their 90% sale – which is great as it covers all departments. So I usually buy quality homeware, children’s clothes, handbags and shoes for less than £3 each which is amazing! I end up keeping some for myself and family, gifting to friends and also selling on eBay.

Grab a bargain Stylish Academic

You can follow Timi on her Instagram account, Grab a Bargain UK, where she curates all her bargain finds. She will happily do the hunting while you do the shopping, saving you time!

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