Go2bank is a mobile banking app that is easy to use and designed to simplify banking, helping people to save their time and money, and improve their financial wellbeings. It simplifies banking by enabling you through quick and affordable access, to manage and move your money. With Go2bank, you have the peace of mind of banking with security. The financial technology can be downloaded through Go2bank.com/activate. 

The Go2bank proprietary technology enables faster, more efficient electronic payments and money management for people to spend, control, and save their money. Through the retail and direct bank, it offers a suite of financial products to consumers and businesses including debit, prepaid, checking, credit, and payroll credits through Go2bank.com/activate. 


The primary account fee for the Go2bank account is $5, which can be waived with at least one direct deposit per month. The fee is low as compared to other traditional banks, and similar mobile checking accounts.  There is no minimum balance requirement to open an account online. 

The checking features include withdrawals at more than 19,000 ATMs nationwide and cash deposits at more than 90,000 locations of big-brand retailers. The mobile app can create one-time bar codes for a retail cashier to scan at the time of accepting your cash, making for an easy bridge between cash and digital. 

You can also receive direct deposits up to two days early as compared with other traditional bank accounts. There is also a limited cash-back program for purchasing online gift cards.  

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You can activate your Debit Card for your account through Go2bank.com/activate or the app and follow the prompts.  You will be asked to create a four-digit PIN and provide some personal information to verify your identity, including:

  • The expiry date of the Card. 
  • At the back of the card, there is a 3 digit security code. 
  • Social Security record. 

You can also activate your debit card through the Call Centre of Go2Bank. All you need to activate your card and add some money to your account to start using your card. 


The expanded credit suite offered by Go2Bank is free of charge and is designed to offer features for customers who are struggling to get fairly priced products to improve their credit ratings.  The features have helped nearly eight million consumers to increase their ratings. The credit tools offered through Go2Bank offer seamless access to industry-leading credit tools and features, including:

Clear Credit Picture – Customers can access their credit rating through the Experian membership which is free of charge, along with Experian Credit monitoring and alerts. 

Improve Credit Ratings – Customers can increase their credit score through Experian Boost by getting credit for paying bills like phones, utilities, and video streaming services. 

Access to Credit –. Hence customers can establish and build credit, regardless of credit history. 

Safety & Protection – It helps customers protect against identity theft by offering the ability to lock and unlock their credit files.

Single Network for Credit Health – Additional features on graduating customers to new credit offerings and ways to save to be added throughout 2022 and ahead. 


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