Meet the beautiful lady behind Stylish Academic’s new logo design, Emilia Moniszko. She wears many hats – film-o-grapher, cake maker, designer, and more.

Who is Emilia Moniszko?

That is a tough question… it is hard to describe who I am. I am not entirely sure what defines me.

I am a creator. I like making things and discovering how we can make things differently.

I like connecting with people through ideas, and I like developing new ideas.


Growing up …

I grew up in a small town in Poland where everyone knew each other. Everyone said hello to you.

I played ball with my mates on the streets. The summers were long and they smelt beautifully.

Then I came here to the UK at age of 13.
I didn’t know anyone, hardly spoke the language and everything seemed so foreign and out of place. I absolutely hated it to start with, and then later got used to it and adapted. Now I am making the most of it.

School years were difficult.

As an immigrant you are faced with plenty of negativity, but not everything is that bad.

I was surrounded with great people. My mum and step-father were there to support me, teachers to direct me.

I finished school and went straight to university to study Art. I stayed in Coventry where we migrated. I didn’t want to move away to attend university like everyone one else.

I wanted to stay here in one place for some time, and get grounded.

Remember, I’d already moved once, and it was a huge move.
I had to rediscover myself in this place.

When I completed my undergraduate studies I knew I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to gain more knowledge of the creative industries so I could go forward and do Art, create and do things in general – but with direction, knowledge and focus.


About Art and creating, you designed the new logo for SA. Your inspiration…?

Well, SA is a great multidisciplinary project that celebrates fashion, academia, and encourages you to unapologetically be yourself.

It connects people across many different fields. I couldn’t say no to that.

When researching SA, I understood that they are very well sophisticated but upbeat, and they needed something that would convey this message.

Also, simplicity is always the key. Hence the minimalist black and white.

We are so bombarded with so much information lately, that I knew that SA needed something simple and to the point.

Glasses are iconic and associated with intellectualism, but can also double as a fashion accessory. It was the perfect anchor for the design.


Exciting projects at the moment…?

I have just finished making a film called the ‘Visitor‘.

And I am in the process of developing the From east to West with Love project in Poland in collaboration with a British artist Rob Hamp and a Polish artist Pawel Hajncel.

We already made part 1 in September 2016 here in the UK, but we need to explore the dual dimension of the project.

At present, however, I am working with a group of MA students from the University of Warwick on a project called ‘Mobile creativity: pathways to human development in the city’.

It is a project which explores how people who are temporary or new to the city (i.e. students, migrants, refugees) are framed within the creative and cultural framework. As well as how they can become an active part of making and creating a positive change.

You see, Coventry, where I am based, has a student population of more than 10%. They just come and go. But what would happen if they had full rights just like any citizen? How much change and value would this generate, how would this affect our culture our understanding of the city?


Plans to go into full-time academia someday?

It has been 2 years now since I completed my studies. It’s the first time in my life where I know that I don’t have essay or project deadlines!
I am currently enjoying this break.
In the meantime, I am spending the time to develop professionally, gain some real-life practical knowledge.
If I find a subject worth a thesis then I will consider a further academic development.
For now, I feel content with what life throws at me.


What can we expect to see from Emilia Moniszko in the near future?

You see, since I finished university I do not have a ‘5-year plan’. I am sort of trying to explore life and see what it really is, what it brings. I have a few projects lined up and ready to go.

I might publish a book or record an EP but for now, I am enjoying living in the moment, for once.

Emilia Moniszko


Emilia’s photo credit: Irina Szellelki © Marcin Szymczak ©