2016 feels long gone, seeing how much we already have packed into the New Year. That said, I do feel like 2017 has a very positive vibe about it.

Have you set any goals for the new year?

What do you want to have achieved by the end of the year?

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For some of us, it’s the year to finally hand-in our PhD thesis, and for others, that book manuscript. There are loads of conferences to attend, Viva Voce’s to prepare for (as the examiner and the examined), and job applications to be written.

In all of this, I urge us to not forget to deliberately create time for rest and fun. Our physical and mental health depend on it.

You may know this already, but how you dress affects your mood and emotions. “Assembling an outfit is like selecting a social armour”, says VOGUE, and I do agree. However, “armour” does suggest that we are in a social war – and perhaps we are, but that’s not the point.

What you wear is part of what empowers you; not how much it breaks the bank, but how well it communicates your identity – your uniqueness as a person, within the codes of your profession.

It’s no coincidence that Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Theresa May, despite being very serious-minded people, give full attention to their outfits. Their clothing communicates power in a nuanced manner that is suited to each of them as individuals. Imagine Hilary in Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dresses? My point exactly.

Some may think they have to pay attention to their dressing because they are in the public eye, but so are you. Every day you walk out the door of your home and encounter students, friends, and colleagues, it’s a social play. And how you feel about yourself also matters.

Stylish Academic is here to talk about personal style (men and women) beyond tips and advice, share lifestyle stories, introduce you to other scholars from all over the world (Meet the Scholar), and simply build an academic and professional community that is ready to embrace the art of being stylish (yourself).

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