For weeks now my home has been without Internet Wi-Fi service. Its impact on my lifestyle and productivity has been tremendous, yet it remains a pain in the backside.  My generous mobile service provider grants me unlimited data, so I am thankful for small mercies.

Being Wi-Fi free at home has done 5 things for me.

I work and work hard when I’m in Wi-Fi-free zones

I have completed more tasks in record time outside the home, than the days when I carried work home with me. Since I don’t have the luxury of fast Internet at home, my work mode is gangsta’ when I am in a Wi-Fi area such as The Campus. I don’t have a second to spare on social networks, and other distractions. Refreshing.

I’ve been forced to read more books

Nothing gives the brain an uncomfortable itch like a buffering video on the iPad. I have found myself finally tackling my “To Read” list with great speed. There is no buffering in flipping a page (thank goodness!)

When I rest, I actually rest now

Gone are the days when the laptop is on “sleep mode” right beside my pillow. Who was I deceiving? Because I hardly bring work home anymore, I do take quality time off at night to rest. In the early morning, a bull has got nothing on the energy that bounces off me as I get back to work.

I shut down my laptop more often

Don’t look at me like that – I am certainly not the only guilty party!

When last did you completely shut down your computer? We put it to “sleep” most time – at least I do.

To be honest the jury is still out on which option (shut down, hibernate, or sleep) is best practice.

Less social media, more actual socials

With Wi-Fi out the door, I am more inclined to get out of the house as well.

I now go for walks, see people, and connect.

I even went for a social gathering with members of my musical band last night and we played Sardines. It was my first time. I felt like a teenager squatting in the dark, playing hide and seek.

Life is too short not to enjoy it. When I am 70, I’ll probably still be playing Sardines, this time with the grandkids – if I can get them off whatever digital toy is in vogue.


WILL I continue with this lifestyle?

I’m not sure it’s sustainable to completely live without wi-fi in this always-on generation. But I am determined to try to “shut down” access from time to time and recharge.

Have you ever had to live without Wi-Fi?

Feature Photo: Model: Agnes |Kosol Photography – used with permission.