DIRECTV provides personalized entertainment experiences and quality of services.  DirecTV strives to believe that entertainment has the power to bridge cultural gaps and advance change.  DirecTV was launched in 1994 and since then has continually evolved its products to provide its customers a complete industry of videos.  DirecTV creates an innovative experience while embracing new technologies and subscribing through


Your DirecTV device looks like the satellite TV receiver you may have at your home or office.  The device has specifically known as a commercial device and it cannot be activated through DirecTV customer service or DirecTV online.

The support team of DirecTV will help you if you have Signal Connect.  The team will provide a professional service that understands your need.  Users can access technicians who can help them on the website. You will get a qualified representative for your assistance as your call the DirecTV team.


The service representative of DirecTV will install the device at your designated place. Users can activate the service by contacting DirecTV or by online:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “Activate recipient”
  3. Enter your details and press Activate.


Before the activation of DirecTV services, users have to set up the receiver and the satellite dish.  The dish should be placed with a clear view of the sky towards the south. The setup of the DirecTV receiver varies from model to model.  Users have to connect the telephone cable to the Telephone line socket and the cables of their TV to the corresponding sockets.


Once the receiver setup is done, you can activate the receiver online with DirecTV.  Open the browser and navigate to the DirecTV website.  Go to My Account and then to the My Equipment tab.  The update button is available next to the name of your recipient which is usually DVR or standard.


Users can get and activate a used received for DirecTV as well but to have a recipient ID is a must.  The recipient ID must be owned and it is for no use on another DirecTV account.

If your used receiver is in a condition to install, Users can call DirecTV customer services and order a new access card which is worth USD. 20.  Users must inform the Customer Service representative that they are having a used received. After installing the receiver and the new access card, contact DirecTV to activate the facility.


If in case, the users cannot access the Internet or the DirecTV website, the customer services of DirecTV activate your receiver over the phone.  DirecTV offers technical support 24/7 and users can contact them with their recipient ID, model number, and access cards details.


DirecTV has a team of professionals at their Customer Service helpline. Users can also pay their bills, order movies, and get technical support from the helpdesk.  The experts are available seven days a week from 08.00 a.m. to midnight.


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