The SA team has put together 7 Christmas gift tips you need to know, and they won’t have you breaking the bank in any way – except you really want to.

Start with what you have at home

Many of us have brand new, unopened items which we definitely won’t be using. If you know someone who’ll appreciate it, pass it on as a Christmas gift and get the brownie points. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Have a budget

You probably already know this, but do you practice it? A budget is very important when it comes to gift shopping because it’s so easy to go overboard in the frenzy of the festive season. Next tip…

Stick to it – the budget

How many times have we started out with a budget plan and thrown it right out the window?

To help you stick to your budget, create a list of everyone you are getting a present for, assign a capped amount to each person, and set that money aside from the bulk of your savings.

Start picking Christmas items now (or earlier next time)

Have you ever thought of buying your Christmas gifts out of season?

I know people who buy Christmas gifts almost 10 months in advance, and no they are not crazy. Out of season items come at great price discounts, and every little helps.

Research and visit outlet stores

Outlets stores are perfect for grabbing some designer items especially. If you are going to splurge, then splurge in style by doing it wisely. No point paying additional £400 for the same item that exists at half-price somewhere else.

It’s time to D-I-Y your Christmas gift

Sometimes it’s impossible to find the perfect gift, but you can always create it. The gift doesn’t have to be complicated, after all, it’s the thought that counts right? Your D-I-Y present for Christmas could be anything from buying different items and putting them together or making your gift up from scratch.

D-I-Y projects make for great bonding time among family and friends. There is just something about holidays and creating. Pinterest is a great inspiration source when it comes to D-I-Y projects.

Have you thought about buying experiences?

We fantasize about so many things we’d like to do but never get round to doing them for a variety of reasons. Visiting the spa for a full-day pamper, going bungee-jumping, skydiving, or driving a Ferrari on a race course. You can buy an experience and offer it to someone as a Christmas gift. Perfumes will get used up, but memories will last forever.


Do you have additional tips you’d like to share? Please comment below.

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