If you’re like me, you have this all-weather handbag you carry to school everyday!

For the year 2014, it’s been this:

My one-nation bag


I don’t have a new culprit for the new year (yet), so it’s likely I will be sticking to the poor brown bag.

I got this bag off eBay for a steal, under £15 (ask me later for tips on winning auctions), and I chose it for so many reasons.

1. It’s roomy.

As a grad student, my bag needs to have enough room to house a laptop, the charger, my make-up kit, my lunch box, pencil case, notepad, iPhone charger, iPhone…an umbrella too. The next time you see a grad student with a near-hunch back, you will have a better idea about how that came to be.

2. It’s trendy 

Who remembers when those Zara tote bags took over the streets. One could hardly walk around campus Stylish academic womanwithout spotting the handbag on another lady’s arm down the hallway. Fashionistas find this event tantamount to a heart attack (not me though). A tote bag is a trendy way to get away with all the luggage you need to take with you to the library. 

3. It’s affordable

Grad students have no money, period. In order to pull off stylish and productive in one outfit, an affordable tote bag is the way forward.

I have put together selected designs I think are perfect for a grad student. These bags are personally on my wish list, but there is no rush – after all I can only carry one bag at a time 😉

All the bags are under £80.

Bags for graduate students