More and more brands are becoming conscious of the need to change the way the fashion industry operates.  The current rate of consumption and speed of fast fashion is untenable. We need ethical fashion brands.

As consumers push for brands to be more responsible, it’s fantastic to see brands like Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads pioneering new technology that allows for the creation of more environmentally sound materials. 

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult for the average shopper to find sustainable basics at an affordable price. 

This article will list some of the best brands for you to turn to when you need a staple piece, but you want to minimise the impact on the Earth.

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The Cotton Story

Compared to a number of high street fashion brands, the transparency of the pricing structure at The Cotton Story is refreshing. 

On their website and on the wall in their store they have a clear break down of the cost of materials, labour, and transport for their clothes, and how they arrive at the final price. 

The products here are all high-quality basics.  If you need a plain tee, they have every variant you could possibly want. Short sleeves, long sleeves, V-neck, crew neck, you name it. 

What’s more, as a company they are serious about maintaining ethical and environmental standards.  They work directly with their factories in Portugal, ensuring that the working conditions are maintained to a good standard. 


Leggings are an essential in many wardrobes today, my own included.  For such a simple piece, however, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair. 

Many roll-down leggings aren’t stretchy enough or turn transparent.  Plus, as a basic they are often made cheaply, from substandard materials that harm the environment. 

Thankfully, Boody is here to solve that problem.  Their website details the ways that they comply with Ecocert (the global leader in organic certification) and the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) standards. 

It doesn’t hurt that they’re the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn, either! 


London-based brand Phanatiq is serious about catering to everybody.  A glance through their online shop will show models of all sizes, ages, and races.

Founded in 2010 by Anna Skodbo, the brand seeks to reconsider the typical sizing and gender constraints of clothing in society.  They are committed to sustainable production, and also avoid trend-driven seasonal collections. 

This is the place to go for a little black dress that will last season after season, as well as more unusual pieces that experiment with draping to emphasise the frame of the wearer.   


Founded in August 2016, Uncaptive began as an ethical t-shirt line focused on veganism.  From there, it has grown into a brand that stocks a range of clothes and lifestyle products for conscious consumers. 

They’ve responded to customer feedback, making their range organic in 2017 and sourcing solely from certified ethical factories. 

Uncaptive also have clothing made from experimental materials such as recycled plastic bottles. 

Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, this young brand is one to watch on the ethical fashion scene.

Love Sweat and Tees

This brand was formed in response to the founder Hayley’s husband being diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer.  Although he is now thankfully healthy, it was this diagnosis that spurred Hayley into forming the brand with 5% of all profits going to support the charity Bowel Cancer UK. 

He is now the Distribution and Finance Director for the brand, and this husband and wife team are certainly an impressive pair!

The primary products are sweatshirts, and they have recently introduced the option to get them hand embroidered with anything you want (“Stylish Academic”, anyone?). 

The sweats are organic, ethically produced, and cute as hell.  Definitely what you need for a rainy day in the office!

Forgotten Tribes

This is a brand for the movers and the shakers out there, because in their loose-fitting harem trousers you’ll be able to embrace the full range of motion available to you. 

Loved by practitioners of yoga, this independent London brand makes a range of affordable clothes that look and feel great.  They are dedicated to doing business in a way that respects their workers and nature. 

I can personally recommend their warm A-frame skirts as the perfect thing for when you really want a duvet day, but you have to head out to university. 

These are clothes you will love, and that will love you back, making you feel effortlessly stylish as well as comfortable.  

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