Christmas has come around quickly, and if you’re like me, the gifts checklist is very much unticked.

It can be really difficult, deciding on what gifts for whom; so we ran a poll among SA readers, and here’s what they said they want for Christmas…


1: “Post-it notes & a monthly tea subscription” (make that coffee subscription for others)

Believe it or not, we do not all want a Range Rover, G-Wagon, and Louboutins – although they won’t hurt to sit in the garage or closet; an endless supply of post-it notes would do the magic. They always come handy, so you can be rest-assured that your Christmas gift will be put to good use.

pexels-photo-1312852: “Definitely a cute re-usable coffee mug to sustainably fuel writing and marking”

Amen to that!

3: “A tweed Jacket”

There’s a post on SA about Academics & Tweed over here.

4: “Honestly vouchers for a nice stationary store like Paperchase”

“Maintaining organisation of an ever increasing body of research is a constant challenge, I need all the files, folders pens and accoutrements I can manage (it’s also nice to keep my work on trauma theory in a shiny folder covered in glitter sea horses – cheers me up).” I sure hope Santa is taking note!

5: “I think I’d settle for a laptop that doesn’t sound like it’s about to have a meltdown! (The current one takes after its owner…)”

Sigh. Sending hugs and loads of encouragement to you to quell the meltdown. As for the laptop, we at SA think it’s a perfect gift!

6: “I reckon an AirBnB voucher so I could take myself on a writing retreat somewhere relaxed and hopefully sunny!” 

You know what, this is a super cool gift idea. We love it! Imagine if this voucher came with a plane ticket as well, that would be amazing.

7: “A Spa Day” love-romantic-bath-candlelight

If you are dating or married to an academic researcher, know that a spa treat, albeit needed, is unlikely to make it on our to-do list with all the looming deadlines… but we badly need a professional massage from sitting at a computer 24/7. Please do the honours and give us a treat to remember for Christmas.

8: “Scotch”

Say no more.

9: “A six-month membership to the Harvard Book Store Signed First Edition Club” 

We are not asking for a lifetime membership – just 6 months, c’mon. “It seems like a great way to access amazing books while benefitting a tremendous institution. Past authors have included Anthony Doerr, Jonathan Franzen and Al Gore among others”, and we at SA agree.

10: “I’ve got my eye on these travel/document folders – stylish way to carry conference supplies!”

This suggestion came with a link to the precise stationery co. in mind. In addition, “of course, book tokens – always book tokens…”

11: “It would have to be a black velvet floor length dressing gown to wear whilst making bibliographies on Christmas Day.”

Here is a lady after our own hearts at SA – yes to Velvet, always YES to velvet 🙂 … but can the bibliographies wait till Christmas is over? 🙁

12: “My ideal gift at the minute would be one of the books in and around my research area that is a bit too pricey to buy on my own.”


Other gift ideas we wish Santa could actually grant!

“Hi! I’d love to have more time between deadlines ??”

“I think my ideal gift for Christmas would be a full-time job 😉 ”


What was your favourite GIFT IDEA on the list? Do you have a gift idea to share? Let us know in comments.

Stylish Academic will be back in 2017. Happy Holidays!

Update: Veronika Cheplygina also has 9 Gift Ideas for Academics