Amal Clooney is an epitome of style and smarts, and that’s why we love her! She is in a class of her own, as she dominates the fashion scene in New York.

A New York Times article goes:

At 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Amal Clooney walked into Classroom 103 in William and June Warren Hall at Columbia Law School…dressed in a cream textured coat and floral Oscar de la Renta slingbacks and carried a tangerine bag the size of a large toaster…

Stylish Academic is all for smart women (and men) looking their best, no apologies, and Amal Clooney reps this mantra.

Amal is an accomplished Human Rights lawyer, married to a popular Hollywood actor, George Clooney. This lands her smack in the public eye, but the Oxford alumna is working it all with grace and elegance. As a barrister, Amal specialises in International Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, and Extradition.

International fashion magazine brands such as Vogue, ELLE, and Harpers Bazaar, have done features on Amal Clooney. A blogger even has a WordPress account dedicated to her style.

What is Amal’s style?

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