This is the Academic pets – dogs, cats, and friends series.

A few weeks ago, we made a call on Twitter for help with an article about academics, their pets, and what joy they bring to our lives…

The response was so great it was impossible to fit it all into an article – so we switched to a series instead.

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Let’s meet Roly and friends.

Academic: Tracey Jones
Twitter: @traceyej
Research Area: History: Victorian, Nineteenth Century, Woman’s History, Labour History, Mining History, Dress History, Material Culture
Number of pets: 4
Pets’ names: Roly, Lucy, Oscar, and Benji
Pets: 3 x dogs, 1 x cat

Academic dogs Rory 1

Tracey speaks…

I have always had a pet – in fact, I don’t think there has ever been a period in my life when I haven’t had either a cat or a dog!

I always had pets as a child: rabbit, birds, hamsters, mice, dogs and I have continued to own a pet into adulthood. I have children now and I think that animals in the house are great for children.

Our dogs are 8, 9 and 10 years old and our cat is 12 years old! They just sleep all day long.

They are all an integral part of our family. We love them very much – the house just wouldn’t be the same without them. They keep me company in the house and sit with us in the evening.

In what ways have your pets enriched your life as an academic?Academic cats roly

…. I love to share photographs of my dogs and cats on Twitter using the hashtag #Academicswithdogs or #Academicswithcats.

When I feel a little down or overwhelmed with my work I watch funny cat and dog clips. It has helped me to connect with other academics with pets.

Having pets makes me stop my work from time to time to let them out, or feed them, or walk them.

They make me take a break which is so beneficial to my academic work.

A funny story

… When Roly was a puppy – about 9 months old, my daughter ran a hot bubble bath.

We heard this almighty noise coming from the bathroom – when we popped our head in Roly had jumped into the bath and was splashing about trying to eat the bubbles!!

My daughter wrote a poem about it and it got published.


academic dogs roly

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