This week’s academic pet is Buffy – like a true player in academia, she’s published.

Academic: Veronika Cheplygina (@vcheplygina)
Research area or field: Machine learning, medical image analysis
City, Country: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Number of pets: 1
Pet’s name: Buffy
Type of Pet: Cat

buffy black and white cat academic


I’ve had Buffy for about ten years now.

She was a year old when I got her, she was bullied by other cats she lived with, so the previous owners had to give her away.

Now she is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in “her own apartment” with many different places to sleep, belly rubs and tuna ☺.

She sleeps more now that she’s older, but sometimes something shortcircuits in her brain and she runs around like crazy.

She likes to cuddle, but only when she decides – she is quite independent. But I think she can sense when I’m not feeling great and settles down on my lap, which I really appreciate.

buffy cat


Buffy and my life as an academic

Buffy always helps me feel better if I’m feeling sad or anxious.

There’s, of course, her sitting on my lap, but even if she is hanging out by herself, just looking at her helps me to quiet my mind.

I think cats are very good at living in the present, rather than the past or the future (such as worrying about your to-do list).

I try to take lessons from her in that.

This has been really important for me, so I even acknowledged Buffy in my Ph.D. thesis – and there are cats on the cover too!

thesis cover buffy

A funny moment you remember?

Many – but you had to be there to see it ☺.

Perhaps a funny thing to mention is that Buffy is quite good at jumping, so once when she was chasing a laser dot, I captured a picture of her “glued” to the wall.

The picture even made it to one of the icanhascheezburger books:  So in a sense, Buffy is a published author earlier than I am ☺

All photographs are the copyright of Veronika Cheplygina

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