Here in the UK, summer is officially over and the usual green leaves are turning into the beautiful shades of autumn.

Stylish Academic looks 2

The colour inspiration I get walking through the university campus these days just blows my mind.

The warmth of autumnal colours of nature is the gift that keeps giving, which make us want to go shopping and top up our wardrobe for the season.

This is why we decided on Burgundy as the star colour for this week’s academic style inspiration.

Although Elle magazine says crimson red is the colour for Fall 2017, we are not ruled by trends now, are we?

Besides, Burgundy and Crimson are all in that family of red, so it is a win-win if you ask me, especially, if you’re not a bold-red-making-me-the-centre-of-attention kind of chic.

There are two possible looks with one jumper featuring bottoms of two different silhouettes.

One look suggests going monochrome by pairing the jumper with a burgundy tweed pencil skirt. This would look simple, yet super chic.

This monogram vibe, gives the wearer a chance to show off a contrasting accessory, for example in this case, the pearl necklace.

The other look pairs the jumper with a zigzag patterned black & white A-line skirt.

We all know that A-line skirts look good on every woman, regardless of age, shape or size, so girls.

If you are looking for a skirt that cinches your waist and take away attention for hips & thighs, this A-Line look is the one!

Both looks are professional without being stuffy.

Tweed has often been regarded as the “academic staple”, and perhaps understandably so.

But while our colleagues wear the fabric in blazers, we can take the road less travelled and wear it stylishly as a bottom – in this case a skirt.

Rate the looks – which is your favourite – the pencil or the A-Line skirt?