Stylish Academic initiates conversations about what it means to be an academic and what it means to be stylish in the twenty-first century.

At Stylish Academic we believe that style is a serious intellectual proposition.

To be stylish is to be an individual, to dress confidently, thoughtfully and ethically.

Style is not frivolous, fatuous and self-indulgent as academic culture has suggested.

To be stylish is not to be a pawn of the fashion industry.

Rather, style is a mode of self-expression: sometimes radical, always intellectual.

Through our dress we express our personalities, political views, academic interests, sexuality, beliefs, mood, and purpose.

Far from being anti-intellectual, style it at the centre of our work as academics.

Stylish Academic is a fashion and lifestyle platform for academics and professionals with links to higher education.

It is an open and inclusive community.

Together we confront and refashion the image of an academic as a bespectacled professor in a tweed jacket surrounded by piles of books.

How can you be a part of Stylish Academic?

Stylish Academic is run by a Managing Editor, Tee Ola, Fashion Editor Madeleine Seys, and a team of contributors.

To contribute an article on Stylish Academic, please send us a message.