SYFY is a cable channel which broadcasts programs related to the science fiction, horror, and fantasy categories.  You can enjoy the interesting categories of comedy, horror, romance, and supernatural programs on SYFY through syfy.com/activate and active your channel subscriptions on your smart devices. 

You can activate the SYFY Channel on your streaming device with the help of this blog from syfy.com/activate.   Watch the series or movies on a huge flat screen. SYFY is compatible with all the streaming platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. 


Roku users who are registered with the Pay-TV can easily access the channel on their smart device:

  1. Visit your Roku Chanel Store. 
  2. Download and install the SYFY app and launch it once it is installed. 
  3. Log in with the sign-in details and note the activation code, which will appear after you open the app. 
  4. Visit www.syfy.com/activatenbc and enter the activation code. 
  5. Continue with the process and select your TV Network provider.
  6. Sign in your TV service provider login details. 

You can now access SYFC programs on your Roku device. 


One can easily access the latest films and other video content on their Amazon Fire TV if they have an active SYFY subscription. The important aspect is to enter the activation code on the Amazon Fire TV and verify the SYFY Channel on your Fire TV:

  1. Search the SYFY channel on your Fire TV. 
  2. Select the channel and download the SYFY channel app on your device. 
  3. Launch the app and you will get an activation code on your screen. 
  4. Note the code and open the browser on your smartphone or PC to open the web page of SYFY. 
  5. Enter the activation code, which will activate the SYFY services on your Amazon Fire TV. 
Syfy Activation at syfy.com/activate for Unlimited Sci-fi Content


The following steps will activate the service channel app on your Apple TV: 

  1. Open Apple TV and press the home button. 
  2. Open the App Store from the home menu and browse the app. 
  3. Download the application, by selecting the app and selecting the option GET.
  4. Open the NBC app and note the activation code to proceed further. 
  5. Open the browser from your smartphone or computer. 
  6. Enter the activation code on the activation page and continue with the process. 
  7. Select your TV service provider and complete the login process. 
  8. Follow the instructions on your Apple TV screen, and you will receive a welcome message to stream to the channel without any interruption. 


If the users have any problem installing the SYFY on their devices, they are advised to delete the channel from their device home screen and re-install the app again.  The app can be deleted from your screen with the following steps:

  • Route to the Channel Title and choose the option Remove Channel. Restart your device by visiting the setting option and going to the System and selecting system restart. 

The above steps will resolve your issue immediately.  However, if you still face any problems in getting the SYFY app, you can contact the Customer Care of SYFY to resolve the issue. 


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