You only need to google “Academic Writing tips” to be lost in a plethora of voices.

However, Katy from Researcher Coaching takes the time to break down the academic writing process into actionable blocks that you can apply right away.

There are no extra tools or resources required; just yourself and the willingness to try a new approach.

#1 Think Building Blocks

Break down the writing into sections, main points, and key arguments.

Each point has to be:

  • Introduced
  • Delivered
  • Examined
  • Challenged and
  • Connected to the next point


#2 Be inspired by a key quote

Start off with a sentence/quote from a respected academic or researcher whatever, and then tear it to shreds (kindly of course)!


#3 Read papers and articles from outside of your discipline area


#4 Think creatively

Start with a key scene, theme or event.

Work towards that, how can that happen? What’s the fallout? What is the effect?


#5 Remember your starting point won’t make the final cut

Don’t sweat it.


#6 You can be amazed by what a deadline can produce

Know what motivates you to write and use it


#7 Silence your inner critic

Tell the voice in your head this isn’t the final cut, this is work in progress


#8 Never finish a writing session at the end of a sentence

Put your pen down mid-sentence, it will give you a good place to start the next time.

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